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  1. 1. Crave 2. Crazy 3. Medellin 4. I Rise 5. I Don't Search I Find
  2. Reminds me of the Live to Tell dress...that she also recently instagrammed of the doll.
  3. I, too, now get why she went with the album version of Rebel Heart instead of the demo. It just makes much more sense looking at it's live performance.
  4. Walk down every flight of stairs like it's the 2003 VMA's....
  5. I personally really prefer Hard Candy, so I get it if she does as well.
  6. I personally find his songs to be the least 'special' on the album. Some Girls and I'm a Sinner never did anything for me and Masterpiece was a lesser song than similar ones she's created before. Falling Free was a gorgeous, if unmemorable, song.
  7. O-Town's Liquid Dreams...."just a little touch of Madonna's wild style.."
  8. madonna - Everybody like a virgin - Into the Groove true blue - True Blue who's that girl - Causing a Commotion you can dance - Spotlight like a prayer - Like a Prayer i'm breathless - Something to Remember immaculate collection - Vogue erotica - Rain bedtime stories - Take A Bow something to remember - I Want You evita - You Must Love Me ray of light - Mer Girl music - I Deserve It american life - Easy Ride confessions on a dance floor - Hung Up hard candy - 4 Minutes soundtrack song - This Used to Be My Playground
  9. that was one of the best she's ever looked...tremendous!
  10. it would be my best guess that the clip of Paul is inserted in spot where madonna will be in the actual video
  11. that voice! i love the inflection, lyrics, and amazing energy....a true celebration of a tremendous talent
  12. i dont know why but this clip reminds me strikingly of Mariah Carey's Touch My Body (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Remix)
  13. will someone please tell me what madonna says in Dance 2night....lets ____ ourselves to the world...is it prove?
  14. i actually really hope the album isnt in chronological order....that just seems such a waste of an opportunity to make the album flow to his highest potential
  15. she said during her 106 and Park interview on BET that she prefers early Michael Jackson solo songs to the later years, so i could see her doing either Don't Stop Til You Get Enough or my preference, Rock With You...with that said, if she's involved she is likely going to be the headliner, so she'll probably do one of his bigger songs...i guess Billy Jean? I would think Wanna Be Starting Something would be good, but i'm guessing Rihanna has dibs on that (considering Dont Stop the Music) and because Whitney has already (in)famously perfomed it on national tv
  16. You know, i agree with that...I think more people know/like Get Together than one would expect given its lack of chart success. I hear it often while I'm shopping and have heard from friends that it was actually played at the jersey shore more than any other song in recent years...take that with a grain of salt, but i think there's something to it
  17. the editing of 4 Minutes makes it much better than the other live performances...but its all about Miles Away for me
  18. i think BB is more of a "hurt" by christina aguilera than WBT part III. as much as people like the sappy ballads about death, its touch to be accessible to after more than a couple of listens and i'm not sure radio likes that kinda theme anymore. just a guess, but i haven't heard any other song with this theme doing all that well at radio. with that said, american idol and oprah are perfect avenues for this type of song.
  19. i was actually under the impression that video streaming on certain sites counts towards the new billboard rules. could be wrong, but i believe it only counted for a minimal percentage (5 %) or so...not sure where i heard that
  20. ...forget what i just said about Q102 only playing it at night...it was just played at 11:30 am...i'm already feeling a sense of accomplishment esp over the sense of dismissal that was abound during the Hung Up time period
  21. Q102 Philadelphia finally started playing it...i believe just at the midnight/late night hours, but hey its a start.... KIIS, we're lookin at you!
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