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  1. even the fan made pseudo videos of FG are getting a lot of views
  2. Listening to Madame X Radio!! Makes a road trip much more fun! Good mix of songs including Live Tour Versions. I like how Madonna gives a brief story behind some of the songs played!
  3. If she’s performing American Life, I think there’s a chance she rewrote the rap lyrics part...
  4. I turned on the local dance music station (C89.5) around noon today and heard the Tracy Young Pride Remix of I Rise!! Could be they played it because of Pride weekend but hopefully this song will get a push on the dance stations.
  5. One of the victims in the beginning look like BenDeLaCreme and I think I spotted Monique Heart.
  6. me too! i keep trying to look for Monet Xchange in the teasers LOL
  7. here i was thinking the drag queens would be the focus in the video when they had that big fuss about drag queens getting fired from a drag tour to be in a Madonna video. but judging from the teasers, it looks like it’s gonna be an awesome video.
  8. I thought this was the video the drag queens were supposed to be in but I don’t see any in the teasers....could it be they are on another video (Crazy?) to come out later?
  10. BILLBOARD favorite music video so far vote poll. Dark Ballet currently leading with 53% of votes. Come on guys, vote! https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8516897/favorite-music-video-2019-so-far-vote-poll?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social
  11. I also like this remix along with the unofficial Dubtronic remix
  12. there is also the Eric Morillo Remix on Amazon. it’s basically “I woke up in Medellín” for 3 minutes...LOL
  13. i love this song! i could see a video of this song with M dancing with all the holograms of the namechecked people like she did at the BBMA
  14. isn’t this the song that the drag queens filmed the video for?
  15. yeah, it probably won’t beat out BTS lol but I’ll be happy with a decent showing Medellin is actually in 3rd place right now, higher than Beiber, Failure Swift and Shawn Mendes!
  16. Here is the link, Medellín is in the running, currently with 4% of the votes https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8513049/song-of-the-summer-2019-vote?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social
  17. she can always “phone it in” in the video, just shoot her part with her on the phone since it sounds like a phone conversation.
  18. this is my favorite persona too, Accordonna. She looks so happy and carefree and her legs look a-ma-zing!
  19. I am using one the premium accounts! I made sure to pick a US account so it would count towards US streaming
  20. after I purchase the tracks, I notice when I play it the next day, it shows the song as not downloaded, does it count towards streams if I play it then? anywho, I am streaming on Spotify now instead just to be sure it gets counted.
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