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Madonna's Interview with LOS 40 in Spain

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We knew from the minute zero that our meeting with Madonna would be very exciting and would bring surprises. The first was to see her appear wrapped in a dazzling silver dress, with heeled booties and her iconic fishnet stockings, black leather gloves and the patch with Swarovski crystals of her alter ego Madame Xplaced on her left eye. "Hi Monica ... my dress does not bore you, right?" Our talk starts with a smile. It was characterized by a photo session for the American press, and receives us along with other Spanish media in one of the majestic rooms of Home House, an exclusive private social club, located in a Georgian building near the imposing Marble Arch. " Spain, eat here! " He greets us animatedlyLiz Rosenberg , publicist of Madonna since the 80s, currently retired, but still linked to the artist. We are in London, the city chosen to tell us all the details of a new album that will be released this Friday, June 14.

I am so eager to talk to Madonna, I have so many questions in my head and only a few minutes of her time, that I get excited and start passionately asking her if she thinks the world is ready for Madame X , that it has been very revealing a record so personal, and also, what is what he has learned during his long process (the recording has lasted more than a year and a half). "There are three questions in one ... which was the first?" We go in parts: "there will be people who are prepared and people who are not.play.pngWith this album I discovered the number of brilliant musicians living in Portugal. I have learned a lot from the history of Portugal and Europe, colonization, Africa, fado and its meaning, music from places like Guinea Bissau or Angola ... I have given many kinds of history during the time I lived there while composing the music of this record ".

Madonna about Madame X: There will be people who are ready and people who are not. With this album I discovered the number of brilliant musicians living in Portugal. I have learned a lot from the history of Portugal and Europe


The new Madonna is a very exciting sonic adventure, a multi-genre and multi-genre album in which fado, Latin and urban music, African and Brazilian rhythms, or disco-funk sound and the most danceable house are embraced. A risky album full of contrasts that starts with Medellin along with Maluma at a reggaeton rhythm, and continues with Dark Ballet, an experimental piece with piano. But "each song is connected to the next in one way or another, either by the way we use the instruments or by their lyrics and the stories they tell, by the rhythm, by the language ... everything has a thread that connects a song with the following, "the Queen of Pop tells us. Has Madonna failed to care about success? "Yes, I care about the success, I would love for my album to reach a lot of people, but I have not tried to make an album full of songs from a pre-established pop, I do not care about that, the world has enough music of this kind. make music that I find inspiring. "

In Madame X we meet again with the Madonna who sings in Spanish as in the times of La isla bonita , she loves to sing and dance in our language, it is an old and beautiful love story. He also does it in Portuguese. I ask her if she remembers when she was captivated by Spanish for the first time, and she confesses a very personal anecdote that she did not know: play.png"when I was little and lived in Michigan, my mother used to welcome foreign students who lived with us at home". A very intimate memory, we are excited to hear it, her mother died of cancer when the little Madonna Louise Verónica Ciccone was only five years old. "One of the first exchange students we had was Mexican, and he always spoke Spanish at home, so that was the first time I heard it and it stuck with me since when my mother died, several women came to take care of us. The house, and some of the housekeepers or nannies we had were Spanish, so I grew up listening to the language and I always felt very close to him, although I have never managed to speak it fluently. " Her daughter Lourdes does talk about it, she practices it often with her father and grandmother. "Yes, she does."

In Madame X there is a clear dialogue between the Madonna of the past and the Madonna of the present. The Queen of Pop has reunited with that 19-year-old girl from Detroit who landed in New York with a suitcase full of dreams. What would you say to that girl now? He takes a few seconds and he replies that he would say: play.png"buckle up, it's going to be a busy trip". And again more laughter runs through the elegant London lounge where we are, courtesy of Queen of Pop.


Mónica Ordóñez poses with Madonna. /


In these years he has spent in Portugal, "yes, so close to the border ...", I ask him if he has crossed over to visit us. "Yes, occasionally, I went to Barcelona to see some friends." I take this opportunity to remind you of a thought you shared with us during one of your visits to LOS40. Madonna is playful and very naughty, she likes to have fun in the interviews she gives. In 1992 she told us that she was sure that she had been in Spain in another life, probably during the Inquisition. "Did he really mean it?" I thought as I checked the radio file. And he clarifies: play.png"I've always had this intuition that I was alive during the Spanish Inquisition and saved many lives of Jews, I've dreamed many times about this . "

I see her so excited and happy talking about everything Spanish, that I almost play the castanets of Madame X that you'll hear this Friday on the album. I ask him about his mythical and crazy flamenco nights, and specifically the one he starred with his friend Miguel Bosé . Madonna's eyes light up: "Oh, my God, that was an amazing night, I'll never forget that night." Why, what happened? I ask.


Madonna, in promotional image of Madame X. /

play.pngin a kind of incessant revolution of music, poetry, song and instruments. And it was the same thing that happened to me in Spain, the same feeling. In Cuba, it also happens ". Are you still excited about the guitar? I ask him. "Yes, in fact (he goes to his publicist), remind me to ask about the 12-string guitar that I rented, I have to have it." And again she gets excited and gets excited like a girl.

A year ago I discovered Rosalía and I tried in all possible ways to come to Morocco for my birthday so she would act for me (...) but everything became complicated

And, what about Rosalia, does he follow her? play.png"I love Rosalia , it's amazing, really, because she's unique, first of all she's a fantastic flamenco singer, a year ago I discovered her and tried in every possible way to come to Morocco for my birthdayto act for me. At that time no one knew who he was. I thought that I was the only person who knew her and I said to myself: 'Good, I've discovered someone that nobody knows. She is a flamenco artist. His voice sounds so amazing with the guitar. ' And I thought: 'I'm going to get whatever it is to come to my birthday party.' But everything became complicated. When she and I started talking, it seemed like a simple transaction. All he needed was his guitarist and some clappers; They were going to share rooms because we were staying in a very small hotel. But then a manager appeared, then an agent ... and then there were five people involved who wanted to charge an extraordinary amount of money. Then they told me that Rosalía's team would be formed by 36 people and I kept thinking: 'what?' So finally it did not come. Afterwards, I did not hear from her for a while, and suddenly she became a big star and I said to myself: 'Yes, I was right'.I admire her because in a world full of pop stars that sound the same and look the same, I feel that she is truly unique and true to herself. I like it. There is something special about her. "


It has always been a mystery. Disappointed with Christianity, she embraced the Cabala. Throughout the numerous album "prayers" resonate in our heads, references to faith and winks his stage Like a prayer , celebrating and 30 years, are abundant throughout the heavenly choirs of Madame X . " I would not say that I am religious, I would say that I am spiritual. For me religion has a connotation of dogma and belonging to a group and an elitism with which I disagree.I have a deep faith in God and I have my own rituals but they are rooted in science, wisdom and history. I study Kabbalah, which is the mystical interpretation of the Old Testament, but I am not a member of any organized religion. "It is striking that he never acts on Fridays and a companion of Jenesaispop asks him about this:" Shows on Fridays? No, for the Sabbat. "


"Is freedom in danger? Well, there is personal freedom and communal collective freedom, and yes, both are in danger because we, as a community, as a group, as people, you know, as a society, our freedoms are in danger. In all sectors and areas of life, we must constantly value and not take for granted what we have achieved and the freedoms we have, "the artist explains with conviction.

Madonna with Maluma in the video clip of Medellín. The artist has been criticized for this collaboration, but she was always clear about one thing: "I will never do what is expected of me".

And clarifies: "I refer to the fact that I can now say what I think without worrying that the henchmen of a dictator break into this room and drag me to jail for speaking out against a government, for example, or for saying something in Against a church or a religion, we should not take that freedom of expression for granted because there are people in the world who do not have it, on the other hand, I also feel that these liberties that many take for granted are diminishing little by little and very subtle way is being snatched away, they are taking it out of our noses without really knowing what is happening. It is quite scary. And then I think that, on an individual level, as human beings we are slaves of many things. We are slaves of our desires; we are slaves to our various addictions, whatever they may be, whether it is the approval of society, you know, tobacco, alcohol, work or exercise ... At any moment when something controls us, like our ego example, is when we become the greatest slaves. We are all slaves of our ego and in that sense, our freedom is always being challenged and we must always remain vigilant and awake not to become slaves. Are you walking the dog or is the dog walking you? "


From her position as an artist, creator and transgressor, Madonna has always been a reference of feminism and we want to know. How do you think this social movement has advanced in recent years? "The resurgence of feminism is not strong enough," he responds with determination. "It needs to be bigger, it needs to be more durable, more voices are needed to support women, to encourage women to be more entrepreneurial, to be more political and to talk, to take action, to support other women. We need more, there is not enough feminism. "


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