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  1. First things first -- If this is true, they better have a goddamn crew there to film this show for the DVD. Seciond, to the people arguing about how these songs don't fit in the show: He said it's a "special encore section" in the video, so they wouldn't change the regular show at all. (And that's only IF he's not drunk / joking.)
  2. 80s Album: "Like a Prayer" Song 1: "Into the Groove" Song 2: "Like a Virgin" 90s Album: "Ray of Light" Song 1: "Vogue" Song 2: "Ray of Light" 00 Album: "Music" Song 1: "Music" Song 2: "Hung Up" 10s Album: "Rebel Heart" Song 1: "Living for Love Song 2: "Rebel Heart"
  3. Great suggestions -- there seems to be consensus on showing her another tour. I think that's a good next step since she was so wowed with the spectacle of RHT -- another live show should keep that momentum going. A couple folks said Confessions -- and there's a lot in that show she'd probably like -- but that DVD is so heavy with special effects editing ... It really distracts from the show itself. (At least for me.) Maybe Blond Ambition or the Girlie Show first. I will NOT be showing her "IGTTYAS" for a long, long time.
  4. YES -- great song, ICONIC single cover Dusting off "LDLHA" gives me hope that we'll this live again someday.
  5. Did the 1986 and 1998 covers not have accompanying stories? (I've never been much of a magazine collector.)
  6. Great video of it from Boston: That smile. The bounce.
  7. CD album version is by far the one that I've played the most since I had the CD first, but I like the cassette / vinyl version better. 3:41? Mine runs 3:46 -- and iTunes store says it runs 3:45. I never pay attention to things like this -- are discrepancies of this sort common?
  8. Good GOD I love this performance. I almost screamed watching a YOUTUBE OF IT THIS MORNING.
  9. I brought a casual fan friend to the Rebel Heart Tour and now's she's a loon. She's spent who knows how many hours on Spotify and YouTube listening / watching all she can, and she's constantly asking me questions about the Queen. So, where should I start her introduction? Classic albums like "Like a Prayer" and "Ray of Light?" Concert videos? Other live performances? Remixes? Movies? To put it all in context, here's what she was familiar with before the concert: She owned "The Immaculate Collection" She knew most of the of non-"Immaculate" 80s hits in the show, like "Dress You Up" and "True
  10. Yep. I'd say it was a highly for Britney's career because ... what else does she got going for her? That snake dance?
  11. Well, there go the next 13 minutes of my work day. Still the best tour closer she's ever done. Simply perfect.
  12. + 1 And all this from someone who's surprised Madonna in 1987 was bigger than Rihanna today. I can't even.
  13. I was in front / right of the heart in Boston and they had guards to make sure people from the back of the floor did not come in to our section, but they also made those of us in our section stay relatively close to our seats -- i.e. they didn't care about us milling about to get good photos or video when she was performing in the heart, but they'd tell us to go back to our seats once she went down the cross or back to the main stage.
  14. Better question: Why are "American Life" fans so insecure that they need to shit on other Madonna albums to justify their fandom? Or how about, why is dave so insecure he needs to shit on the 80s to justify liking "American Life?"
  15. I know, right? I thought she'd forgotten it existed. God, what a incredible surprise
  16. Not the greatest camerawork, but good God in heaven -- this performance. Just stunning
  17. My review after taking last night / this morning to decompress: Highlights: "True Blue" - I was too overwhelmed to cry last night, but watching it again this morning -- oof, tears in my eyes. So sweet, so simple, but still so powerful. Instant classic. "Deeper and Deeper" - One of my all-time favorite Madonna songs. Seeing it live in 2004 was amazing, but I wanted -- nay, needed -- to see and hear a proper dance performance of this song before I died. The Periscopes / YouTubes of this performance look good (maybe even great), but they absolutely pale in comparison to the spectacle of the
  18. Good Lord, this show I was there last night and I'm still recovering. Everything about this show was incredible. I loved this album, I loved the Periscopes I'd seen -- so I went in with sky-high expectations and very easily could have been disappointed, but she just blew me away. God, I don't even know where to start. I think I still need time to recover. But I will leave this very important note to fans who haven't purchased tickets: Buy tickets at the end of the heart stage. You have a great view of the runway and main stage, you can see the dancers and costumes and screen come togethe
  19. Yeah, I always play new albums non-stop when they're first released and love them -- then after the newness wears off, I realize whether I actually like it or not. I haven't listen to a new album this much since "Ray of Light" / "Music." Definitely top four album if I was ranking her greatest -- behind "LAP," "ROL" and "Music."
  20. They're probably that no one would buy since tickets came with a digital copy.
  21. "Keeps returning to" -- you make it sound like she's done them to death. She's done "Erotica" and "Deeper and Deeper" exactly twice each in the past 20 years -- it's not like she's pulling them out for every tour. re: "Bye Bye Baby," this song is really all about the Girlie Show rendition. The album version is good and the remixes are not -- the song only ever got GREAT in TGS. So, I guess I'm neither excited nor opposed for it to be done again. Now, "Rain" or "Fever" on the other hand ...
  22. For some reason I thought this was collecting all her RS cover stories and immediately noticed it was missing 1989. It took me a minute to realize it was missing others too. I was slightly disappointed, but it's still a gorgeous collectors item.
  23. Well, I guess I would OK, this is one change I'd probably have loved -- a 30-plus track double album with "Queen," "Never Let You Go," "Two Steps Behind Me," "Tonight," "Tragic Girl," "Trust No Bitch" and some others would have been phenomenal
  24. Karbs and I are on the exact same page. RH era is fucking perfect. Only thing I'd change is the leaks. Oh, and I wouldn't want her to be sick during Ellen week so that we'd have gotten another performance
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