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  1. The interview she did where she talks about why she brought them with her on tour is her best interview in years.
  2. I absolutely fucking love this song and I LOVE this video. Her best from this era. Best in many eras, actually. You can see in her face how passionate she is about this song and these people around her. She is inspired by them and the passion is just pouring out her. I haven't seen M with this much light in her eyes in so long and I love it so, so much. (And she looks fab with dark hair. I wish she'd rock it more often.)
  3. This getting very scary here in the States. It's going to get worse before it gets better, too.
  4. I voted proudly and enthusiastically for Hillary. I grew to love and admire her in 2016. I have never seen any person alive take so much hatred and vitriol and to take it constantly. Literally 24 hours a day on Fox News and talk radio and in the grosser corners of the internet. The lunatic fringe bought into this shit so seriously that a guy shot up a pizza shop because he thought Hillary was running a criminal ring in the basement. She took the hate, the took the death threats, she took everything they could throw at her -- and kept going forward. The strength of character that takes -- I am
  5. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Not being racist isn't good enough. We need people to be anti-racist. Showing up to vote isn't good enough. We need people to be talking to their friends, families, and neighbors about the importance of voting and voting Biden.
  6. Never saw this thread before but to @karbatal for doing the hard work in here.
  7. I'd be OK with pretentious! Music today is so fucking cookie cutter.
  8. All they're doing is sacrificing streams and sales. "Rebel Heart"'s bonus tracks were kept off streaming/digital for like ... a month? That makes sense to me. Incentivize the fans buying the collector's editions, but then also cash in on it.
  9. How are these tracks still unavailable in the U.S.? Forget streaming -- you can't even buy them on iTunes almost six months after release. She has the worst fucking team "supporting" her.
  10. I stand, though "Batuka," "Dark Ballet," and "Looking for Mercy" are all challenging "Crazy" for space in my top five. I think this album may end up challenging "LAP," "ROL" and "Music" in my holy trinity of M albums. I really am struggling thinking about the next album ranking thread
  11. GREAT article, but man, this line really took me by surprise: Has it really been so long since the famous Insta post?! Where did the time go?
  12. Was thinking the same thing! The direct shots and close ups in "God Control" and "Crave" were gorgeous and I've been wanting a dark hair era for years. Madame X is giving me everything
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