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  1. Yikes. How has someone's comment two pages back about how they want to see her work with different / unknown producers has escalated into people bashing fans of particular eras? How is shitting on "Ray of Lighters" or "Confessioners" any different than being a Ray of Lighter who's shitting on "Rebel Heart?" How about we all just stop judging each other's level of fandom and stick to talking about the merits of the work?
  2. Both are among my all-time favorite album cuts. Both could have been such hits as singles. (Imagine the video for 90s "Forbidden Love" ) If I had to choose ... I'd choose ... Ugh this is so hard ... "Confessions." Today, anyway. But ask me on a different day and I'd say "Bedtime Stories."
  3. One of my absolute favorite things about this tour has been the fan reactions to "Ghosttown" (when performed) and "Love Don't Live Here Anymore." Crowds go wild for them both. You'd think they were both # 1 smash hits. I love it.
  4. Good catch. I haven't heard that in the other performances, and it does look particularly rough. Probably hurt her by accident.
  5. Wait, the tickets are cheaper? I thought they were more expensive. Am I misremembering how much MDNA cost or are you factoring in the discounts we've been seeing at some dates?
  6. Yay! So glad you had a good time. This was your first Madonna show, right?
  7. "Everybody" This song is so fantastic. It's a shame it wasn't a hit -- the general public is missing out on greatness. I desperately wanted the queen to re-record this song and release it as a single in the mid-00s. That Stuart Price mix for the Confessions promo tour was so fierce that I thought we might actually get it on a Confessions remix album or something. And then when Timbaland said he wanted to make an album that harkened back to the first album, I though "Everybody" might make a comeback in some way ...
  8. I'd guess Turin, but I want Mexico. Yes, this. He also has a bad habit of relying on special effects, which makes shows completely unwatchable as live events -- moves are in slow mow, or shown several times in a row from different angles, he constantly superimposes screen footage over live footage, and even makes quick cuts to straight screen footage in the middle of amazing live footage. If Madonna wants a live video to promote a new single or something, then Akerlund is a great choice. But for the tour DVD? Terrible choice. Put me in the "anyone but Akerlund" camp. What mak
  9. Does Vegas still let people smoke in arenas? That would kill me
  10. They should add another month of dates in Asia
  11. I saw Reinvention in Toronto and the crowd was crazy. I recall one of the dancers later telling a fansite like DrownedMadonna or Madonnarama that Toronto was the best stop on the tour because the crowds were so wild. (And Atlanta the worst )
  12. Yes! That's what I said upthread. It would be such a treat for the die hard fans to see a surprise song in every city! God, I'd want tickets to every show then ... (My poor bank account.)
  13. MDNA Tour Boston had 13,995 / 13,995 for $2,450,720 -- that's $175.11 average. If accurate, Rebel Heart Tour Boston is $151.94 average. That's a 13.23 percent decline in per ticket revenue -- again, if these numbers are accurate. Where would that come from?
  14. dave has definitely been trolling us hardcore lately, but he's been a member since 2012 -- has he always been this way?
  15. She watched a bunch more videos without any prompting from me, so I suggested she watch another concert. We watched the Girlie Show Fukuoka and she was absolutely loved it. Highlights for her included "Rain," "Express Yourself," "Deeper and Deeper," "Justify my Love," and "Like a Wurgin." (She LOVED "Like a Wurgin.") Definitely got a new loon hooked here.
  16. Ah ha! I knew there was a thread where the second set's theme was discussed, but couldn't find it! Goes to listen to this section again.
  17. Yes, me too I hope she keeps changing up the song in this part. Such a treat for hardcore fans following every show.
  18. "Intervention" was by far the best song on that album for single release. Maybe the whole project would have gone better if it had been the lead single. After "ROL" and "Music," she had such goodwill with the general public and radio heading into this project -- a good first single from the album would have rewritten her entire career. RIT "Mother and Father" is the definitive version of that song.
  19. Friends, I have a confession: I cannot stop watching / listening to the SHEER PERFECTION that is the Tokyo / Rockabilly set. It begins, of course, with the stylish and sexy "Body Shop." That costume. That hair. The choreography. Using the car creepers. Those dancers and their abs Then it delivers one the sweetest, most perfect reinventions of her career: "True Blue" And before you can wipe the tears from your eyes, it slaps you in the face with the fiercest goddamn performance of "Deeper and Deeper" ever delivered Then grabs right you by the feels with the EPIC, incompar
  20. Agreed -- I had seats in front of the heart stage and they were absolutely the best in the house. The seats in front of the heart stage have a straight-ahead view of the heart stage, the runway, and the main stage -- you very clearly see all the elements of the show come together the way she imagined it. I feel bad for those who spent thousands on front row. She spent a good third of the show on the runway or in the heart stage, and they view from the main stage must have been terrible. I almost upgraded from the tickets I had in front of the heart stage to seats close to the main stage. So
  21. Let me clarify -- I think the main show is perfect, but I totally support extending the encore.
  22. The show is perfect. No need to mess with it. Besides, he said they'd be done in the encore section.
  23. Oh thank God. I was dying for some good audio for walks / workouts. I cannot wait for the live album. If there's good audio of Boston out there, I'd die
  24. This is a bullshit argument that everyone who's in love with less-successful album makes and it needs to stop. Seriously, just stop acting like people who disagree with you on the merits of one album are doing it for shallow reasons or that you are somehow more sophisticated for liking it. Just accept that some people -- maybe even large numbers of them -- don't like it. Look around this forum. There was a recent "rank the albums" thread where "Like a Virgin" -- one of the biggest albums of her career -- consistently ranked in the bottom third. Meanwhile, "Erotica" -- considered a flop in its
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