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  1. Best single in more than 10 years for me -- best single since "Music!" "LFL" might be in my all-time top five singles list. LIFT ME UP UP UP UP! We need a matador smiley face. I would paste it five times right now.
  2. Is there good video of "Frozen" anywhere? I can't wait to hear the new arrangement.
  3. + 1 to acko Get Akerlund dafuq away from this show.
  4. Entertainment Weekly's Drowned World Tour cover has one of my all-time favorite Madonna headlines: "THE MOMMY RETURNS!"
  5. I'd never heard of the Reebok deal! "It takes a very special advertiser to take these kinds of risks."
  6. Yes! I don't mean this to be flip or rude, but I don't understand what you don't understand -- she's done exactly this sort of thing before. Just look at "Music" on DWT. "Music" is one of the biggest electropop hits of all time -- and she puts a percussion breakdown in the middle of it. And it's fucking phenomenal!
  7. Did Disney actually contribute financially? I thought they just allowed her to rehearse in their Burbank studio space. And it was Nike, not Reebok
  8. I wonder where this was supposed to go in the setlist. The final section? Another encore?
  9. "Dick Tracy" was not the reason for the tour's postponement: Madonna signed on to play Breathless Mahoney in December 1988. The Pepsi deal -- including Pepsi's sponsorship of the "Like a Prayer World Tour" -- was announced in January 1989. The tour was simply said to be "later" that year. Obviously it never happened, and Blond Ambition was announced in November 1989. I believe the tour was postponed / canceled due to a lack of sponsors. No one wanted to end up as the next Pepsi -- paying her millions only to get tarred and feathered by the religious right after her next controversy.
  10. I'd never heard this! Is there more to this story / about this meeting?
  11. I missed this before, so I have to add: Yes! This is really a nail-on-the-head post for me, including -- and especially -- the "I can't explain it." I have struggled for years to describe my lack of excitement for both "Hard Candy" and "MDNA." I've used words like "bored" and "uninspired" to describe "HC" in earlier posts in this thread, but I think -- after reading your post -- the better way to describe it would be "emotionally disconnected." There's a lot of appreciate musically on these two albums -- I very much like the melodies on "Hard Candy" -- but they don't make me feel anything. I don't feel urgency or frenetic energy that I feel when listening to her earlier work, or the deep sadness or joyfulness that comes through her deeper works, or the audaciousness of some of her more controversial and experimental work. These albums just feel ... disconnected. I think this explains why so many of "Hard Candy"'s tracks come alive for me on Sticky -- I feel something when she sings "She's Not Me" and "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You" live. I can feel "Rebel Heart." I lit up when she released the first six tracks to iTunes. "Living for Love" and "Ghosttown" became instant classics for me, and "Bitch I'm Madonna" has become a personal anthem. "RH" felt like a return to form for me and I couldn't place why til now.
  12. Even though I'm one of those fans who doesn't particularly like the album, I've never understood the hatred for "Candy Shop." Pharrell's tracks are the only bits worth listening to -- "Candy Shop" included. (Though I do skip "Incredible.") It's the Timbaland / Timberlake stuff that I skip when listening. + 1 The idea that people who don't like "Hard Candy" are only into electro music is wildly overgeneralized and perhaps a bit too desperately defensive of the album. I don't care for the Timbaland half of the album, but I liked Timbaland from the late-90s to mid-00s. He was cutting edge with Missy and I loved what he did on "Loose." But his stuff here is all just a bit uninspired.
  13. "Hard Candy" was just a bit boring, to be honest. It had some good moments -- I still love "Heartbeat" -- but the most of the album was lifeless, especially the Timabland tracks. Someone upthread pointed to "20/20" and "Blurred Lines" as proof that "Hard Candy" was ahead of its time, which is crazy to me since "20/20" sounds like someone "FutureSex/LoveSounds" in a microwave and "Blurred Lines" is absolute shit. Since when did "played on pop radio" become synonymous with "good?" Also, Timberlake was just the worst during this era. I think it was on the Ellen show where he tried to take credit for writing "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You" -- said he saw the line in a book of her poetry or something and thought it would make a good song. Bitch didn't realize that the title had been floating around the internet since the Reinvention Tour. There's probably an acoustic demo of the track from 2004 too. Thank God for Sticky. Crow vocals be damned, some of these tracks came alive on stage. "She's Not Me" is near the top of my list of songs where a weak album cut became a classic live perf.
  14. Yes! Did she use the same band in the early-1993 promo tour? She had a great band for SNL and Arsenio too. Confessions definitely had the worst band. A black mark on an otherwise perfect tour. But the shows since CT have all at least felt a bit more real, whether they are or not. I'd love to see her do another tour like the GS, with the big band and live rearrangements.
  15. This has always been a bit too Celine Dion for my taste, but I do love that Spanish guitar. That Drowned World arrangement, though
  16. I think you're confusing revenue and profit. M taking home 90 percent of the revenue is financially impossible. Still, though, suggesting that M takes home 90 percent of the profit is absurd. There are other financial stakeholders, including Live Nation and Citi, and they're not going to settle for a combined 10 percent. The costs are far more than just renting the venue, though, and they include more than just the production of each individual show. Millions of dollars are spent before the tour even starts, and those costs are spread across each show in the "per show" cost. Just off the top of my head, pre-tour expenses would include: Salaries for show director, tour director, stage director, accountants, and various assistants Rent for rehearsal spaces -- including renting a major sports and concert arena for two full weeks Costs for stage and set materials Consultant fees for stage and set design Labor costs for stage and set assembly Salaries for band Costs for instruments, speakers, etc. Salaries for background singers Consultant fees for costume design Costs for costume materials Labor costs for costume fitting and assembly Salaries for the wardrobe staff after the costumes are finished Salaries for make-up artists and hair stylists Costs for make-up and styling materials -- combs, hair spray, make-up, etc. Salaries for video directors Consultant fees for video design, production and editing There were dozens of full-time employees for at least three months of rehearsals. When combined with other major cost items -- rent, video production, costumes, stage production -- tens of millions of dollars had probably been spent before opening night. Once the tour begins, there are dozens more non-venue costs -- labor costs for the crew to break down / set up the stage every night, trucking costs (literally the cost of renting tractor trailers, plus the fuel expenses), flight costs between four continents, six months of hotels and food for dozens of traveling cast and crew over, etc. etc. All these costs are spread out over the life of the tour to get the "per show" number. It's actually pretty easy to imagine this costing $1m / show.
  17. Madonna does not bring home 90 percent of ticket revenue. That's not financially possible.
  18. "Iconic," hands down. The whole RH era and everything building up to it -- secretprojectrevolution, Art for Freedom, RH, RHT -- feels connected. Everything she's done over the past two years touches on freedom, expression, rebellion, self-acceptance, triumph, hopefulness ... and "Iconic" really ties all that together with the video, the voiceover, the song's lyrics. It's almost like a culmination of Madonna 2013-15, all while introducing (and somehow pulling off) a samurai Joan of Arc look and without being preachy. It's perfection. "Girl Gone Wild" is visually stunning, but it simply doesn't have the thematic importance that "Iconic" does.
  19. Everyone should take all the numbers we see with a grain of salt. Other than the accountants and others directly involved in the process, no one really knows. That means the press reports could be relying on sources who aren't as well-informed as they think they are and her own PR. The two numbers that I've seen most consistently are the rumored $1m / show production costs and M's own $1m / show minimum fee guarantee. So, for the MDNA Tour (88 shows), that's at least $176 million of the tour's $305 million gross -- leaving $129m unaccounted and profit. I have never seen any numbers regarding advertising and promotional costs of M's shows -- which are never included in production costs in the entertainment industry, and probably something we'll never know (promotional costs are a desperately guarded secret in the entertainment industry) -- and we don't know what percentage of the total profit M's contract guarantees her to, though I'd guess it's in the 25 - 30 percent range since that's a number I've seen associated with other legacy acts.
  20. This would have been so easy before "Rebel Heart" -- "Like a Prayer," "Ray of Light" and "Music" have been my top three albums since 2000. But now ... I'm not sure what three I'd pick Well, it makes sense that people can't agree since Madonna's team included in her studio albums catalogue before 2004 and then dropped it in 2005. All the promotional material for "American Life" referred to "AL" as her 10th album -- and then, after "AL" flopped, all the promotional material for "Confessions" referred to "COADF" as her 10th album.
  21. DWT is my favorite tour ever, but I don't think she could pull that off again. I voted RHT. Both Rebel Heart and Sticky are both perfect mixes of old and new in my mind. There's a strong focus on new material and the old material is reinvented but remains recognizable and maintains the spirit of the original tracks.
  22. Neither "If You Go Away" or "I Love New York" came out of the "Confessions" sessions. "IYGA" came from the aborted musical project and "ILNY" was something Stuart and Madonna worked out while rehearing / on the road for Re-Invention.
  23. Yikes. How has someone's comment two pages back about how they want to see her work with different / unknown producers has escalated into people bashing fans of particular eras? How is shitting on "Ray of Lighters" or "Confessioners" any different than being a Ray of Lighter who's shitting on "Rebel Heart?" How about we all just stop judging each other's level of fandom and stick to talking about the merits of the work?
  24. Both are among my all-time favorite album cuts. Both could have been such hits as singles. (Imagine the video for 90s "Forbidden Love" ) If I had to choose ... I'd choose ... Ugh this is so hard ... "Confessions." Today, anyway. But ask me on a different day and I'd say "Bedtime Stories."
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