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  1. thanx, 5iVe Elements! really like this covers!
  2. ValeRus

    I Fucked Up

    such a pretty song! beautiful melody and nice mood!
  3. wishful thinking once again
  4. http://www.mediafire.com/?pn5w09wf1x3i0dz
  5. maybe orchestral version is a myth?
  6. what does it mean exactly???
  7. if this is real - well ... hope it's not true ... NOT! REALLY hope she's not that kind of sad bitter person.
  8. whats the point of 2 CD's? i mean, all known songs are pretty short. and i think we are not really THAT need this remix on lp so - 16 songs - 1 solid album. AAAHH! i forgot - money!
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