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  1. apparently the all album is quite good. i cannot wait to hear it!
  2. I heard teh same, heart for the super deluxe - maryldonna for the standar edition - rebel heart for the deluxe
  3. rebel heart than re issue the album and release nothing last forever
  4. Now that teh final track list have been announced I have finally listened to all rejected songs.... is she crazy? Borrowed time - Nothing last forever and never let you go are simply beautiful.... best songs she has ever made in a long time....two steps beyond is not bad either... the rest are rejects are a mix of nice songs and less nice ones... witha few understandibly rejected!
  5. It is a very beautiful cover... imagine the vinyl!
  6. I cannot wait for the album... I have the leaks but i am trying to resist i don't want to hear anything. Is rebel heart the first single?
  7. anything.... but great!!!! I love euro pop sounds... she is good with it... and it should be her last great long tour??? when does her contract end? 2 more album and 2 more tours?
  8. hey... i am 3 months late but to you too sexy

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