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  1. I love ur Pussy

  2. I'm on Nippy watch...BOBBAY!!

    check the Nippy cum druggie thread 4 a fresh cut...

  3. Promises Promises...

  4. U r so beautiful.

  5. bitch ur looking good..

  6. Ring my bell...xxxxx

  7. Do u wanna play with me? We could practice the tossing of the fans.. x.

  8. Okay..so I got u a pink magnolia corsage..I'll pick u up in a 1963 cadillac convertible..Just so u know..I intend 2 get 2 second base..be on time.

  9. A surprise package

    On a bright clear sunny day (you're so dandy)

    And wrapped up tight

    (so good - so good)

    Strawberry! raspberry!

    All those good flavors!

    Violets and gumdrops

    That's what you're saying to me


  10. International Whore!

  11. Sale flamand! ;-)

  12. Um, like Happy New year 2 U 2


  13. Inbox bitch..I wanna go 2bed..

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