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  1. I haven't actively followed the thing with her... but I'm always extra shocked when a women turns out
    2 NOT be an LGBTQ ally... there seems to be thread with female haters where they are pissed off at this
    self conceived notion that their femininity is being stolen from them...but in a very bitter and vicous way.

    It's like the Vaya Con Dios lead singer once bitterly told my friend that she doesn't understand why gay men always
    have to dress up as women and basically that she doesn't like effeminate gays . I don't understand where she's coming
    from.. as a creative person who emerged from the punk/performance scene here. Very dissapointing.

  2. On 8/23/2020 at 6:55 AM, Showdown said:

    Oh...maybe sometimes but I rarely see comments that specific and will usually say something like she hasn't been great since the 90s or 80s. Its horrible how people just gloss over so many of her more modern hits. 

    This happens to all the greats. When Bowie was still alive every album he churned out since teh 90's was his BEST SINCE SCARY MONSTERS.

    Prince was, depending who u talked to, his best since Sign O' The times or LoveSexy, and sometimes Diamonds & Pearls.

    The fact that M's point of reference comes from her 3rd decade as a recording artist is a testament 2 her longevity...Dua Lipa wasn't lying
    in that sense.

  3. 1 hour ago, jonski43 said:

    I realised I was drumming my legs through the whole performance of this at the show 😆 I must have looked a complete pillock.

    I love this song. The music really resonates and gets me moving.

    This could have been a single.

    I agree à cassette single ! Batuka /Looking For Mercy.... I love how they printed the lyrics in the cassette liner notes 

  4. 1 minute ago, karbatal said:

    Tell that to the poor bird watcher who was harassed by a Karen, who called the police screaming that a big black man was attacking her. 

    They are privileged absurdas who will stop tbeir antics now that they fear someone may be filming them. 

    Yeah, but I meant it in a general sense...like people at a counter pissed off about a hamburger coming with onions

    when they said no onions...and the phones come out. To me that's the reality tv generation. I'm not talking about injustice.


  5. I'm sorry but people and them filming every fart that happens to them on their smartphone

    is just as tired...Whatever happened to just screaming 'Asshole' or 'Stupid Whore' and then

    getting on with your day like in the good old days.


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