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  1. Im not feeling Crave at first listen... Madonna's voice at the beginning of the song sounds weird... did she sang with the grills on? Again I will need more time for the track to grown on me... My ranking so far... Medellin I Rise Crave
  2. She's coming at 08:10 EST. This will be related to the GLAAD awards and it was taped on Saturday. We still have to wait until 9am EST for details on the tour...
  3. Good for now although rating might go higher!
  4. Love I Rise more... the more I play it! This album is going to be AMAZING!
  5. Thanks! Nice album track closer!
  6. Omg this video is amazing! Love you M! Iconic! Love the part when she licks Maluma’s toe! Ay ay ay!
  7. Today is the day! Hopefully will be able to watch at 4pm! AT LAST, something DECENT to watch on MTV... it has been sooo long!
  8. "Good" Certainly a grower! It is indeed her best lead single since "Hung Up"
  9. THIS! Although no one ever watches MTV anymore... it really feels like the good old days...
  10. Another GLOWING review! https://muumuse.com/2019/04/madonna-maluma-medellin-single-review.html/
  11. THIS! But I did not have any expectations... Will need more spins so that it can grow on me...! Get that SMASH!
  12. FUCK! I might have to call in sick tomorrow afternoon... will be too excited to concentrate at work with new single dropping tomorrow!
  13. I can't wait for tomorrow! I think that I might just go to work in the morning only... and then call in sick for the rest of the day! M X era is UPON US!
  14. I’m ready for M X ! We are truly lucky to be Madonna fans!
  15. Used to be one of my faves as well but their expensive clothing is not worth it!
  16. I Want You and Fever are my fave Madonna covers!
  17. I hope you like this one, it's called Lisbon Candy Shop.
  18. Yes can't wait at least for M dropping the single at the end of the year or 1st quarter of 2019! Time goes by slowly!
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