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  1. Also, QUAVO is HOMOPHOBIC so he should not be featured in any song that is played on any PRIDE event... that is one of the reasons that I do not like this song... is also very lackluster...
  2. The setlist looks way better now with Future NOT being included! OMG at God Control being performed! We shall wait and see if this whole set list turns out to be true!
  3. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/06/26/entertainment/madonna-god-control-video/index.html?no-st=1561592745
  4. THIS! So Late in her career and is BEYOND EPIC! Certainly my fave video of this ERA!
  5. I enjoyed this interview and loved that he was gay and had the balls to ask her about Eurovision!
  6. Yes can anyone check if this is still going on and might carry on until pride weekend?
  7. FUTURE will be such a Debbie Downer for Island Pride... Im glad that I am not going this year! LOL!
  8. 1- Madame X 2- Rebel Heart 3- Hard Candy 4- MDNA
  9. She should do this one in the tour with RESCUE ME instead of VOGUE which she has done to death in every tour... This is one of my faves on the album...!
  10. Yes finally official announcement! I will just hang outside to at least hear her voice that day since I do not have tickets for Pride Island!
  11. Love the video for "Crave'... It elevates the song! and Madonna looks gorgeous!
  12. Madonna's vocals were weak for LAP but the performance overall was good! Im ready to see THIS Madonna on the M X tour! CAN'T WAIT!
  13. She has not performed yet? Just tuned in!
  14. Does anyone have a link for life streaming tomorrow? PLEASE? Im in the USA and I don't have LOGO....
  15. Not feeling "Future" but like the "Don't Tell Me" callbacks! It might grow on me though...
  16. Yes I am sure that it will be her. Is sold out so it's too late to get tickets for that one.
  17. WTF he wants to collaborate with JT...???
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