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  1. The guy gay ruined the whole experience talking over all the time and being pretentious, annoying and horny as Fuck talking about cock... I wanted to give Tracy Y a chance but had to turn it off after the Come Alive remix.
  2. She's Spinning new remix Come Alive! #ComeAlive
  3. It should be closed after she releases the tour on DVD, cause we all need a place to discuss/rant/love/moan. ETC!
  4. I hope that this bitch gets jail time for being a liar and a racist!
  5. 1- God Control 2- Medellin 3- Killers who are partying 4- Crazy 5- I don't search I find
  6. Iholdi , where are you going to see the tour? I am going to the NYC show on Sept 28th! Cant wait! También para dejarte saber que estaré brevemente en Santiago de Compostela a finales de Octubre! Vives cerca? Déjame saber si te quieres encontrar conmigo. Solo estaré dos días y sera en la semana cuando este regresando de Porto. Cuidate!
  7. I subscribed to it just now... so far only 80s and 90s M songs being played... do they play M X tracks on a regular basis?
  8. Do you think that Diplo is is looking into the Future?
  9. https://abc7ny.com/society/nyc-pride-march-caps-off-month-of-stonewall-commemorations/5371300/ Madonna is mentioned on this abc news coverage of world pride!
  10. https://www.slantmagazine.com/music/decoding-madonna-disturbing-god-control-video/?fbclid=IwAR0Yp_eUHg7kYZNLBV2XTyQRkqM-hTQBIB7KGS3Z2XMRnA_m8yBilHwZSUk Cool article on decoding the God Control video! Sorry if this already has been posted!
  11. Just saw on the news that ppl had to evacuate the pier for safety reasons but they will be allowed to go back in once conditions improve.
  12. Ok I'll be watching on the sidelines! I'll be looking for your Madonna inspired fan! Thwack it hard!
  13. Very cool! Which float you are going to be on?
  14. Yes only available to PRIME members... you can get a 30 day trial membership w/out paying any $$$. Set one up, watch the documentary and then cancel it!
  15. Yes thanks for the Heads UP! Just finished watching it on Amazon Prime... beautiful doc on the album and loved all the extra footage and visuals!
  16. Donatella will be watching M's performance on Pride Island per NYTimes article: On Friday, she was scheduled to appear at the Stonewall Inn for an event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the uprising there. Sunday, she had a commitment to ride around the Pride parade on a float. That evening, Ms. Versace “of course” had plans to see Madonna perform at the Pier Dance. Madonna has history with the company. She first appeared in a Versace campaign in 1995, when Steven Meisel photographed her looking just like Donatella. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/29/style/donatella-versace-gay-pride-stonewall.html?action=click&module=pride footer recirc module&pgtype=Article
  17. Source? I know that ABC will be airing the parade during the day from 11 am to 4 pm, but I do not see anything scheduled for world pride for Sunday night.
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