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  1. Agree its usually just good fun to bring people together which it does, Madonna would have got her muddled political message across much more effectively by sticking with the theme
  2. So true, not a social media type issue for the outraged mob wanting to shut down any actual discussion
  3. She was not wise to put it on social media, too narrow and too many extremists quick to judge through their own prism for a point that requires reading, understanding and perception
  4. Shocked that Madonna fans would hate and attack a 16 year old girl and believe and promote a corporate media trying to protect their multi billion empire. I cant count the amount of times the media have tried to use the same false narrative on Madonna to undermine her achievements, message and deeds...the Malawi bashing for example.
  5. Didn't Madonna teach us back in 2003 that being political is going to impact your airplay and nominations, these are corporate events. Miley must be doing something right
  6. Cant argue here, the hoodie part l can get past as its got multiple interpretations and hoodie is enough to invoke KKK imagery. The vocoder distorting the most meaningful lyrics of the song by trying to be shocking just alienates the listener. I am looking forward to a live version that can be understood.
  7. I think he is smart enough to stay quiet. His twitter treads are a perfect place to post the video link
  8. Perfect set. I am so glad to see her reclaim AL now she know she wasn't lost. The smaller shows are going to be amazing. I hope they are not strict with video, l picture something she mixes up night to night. Can we just legislate to have her brilliance videotaped 24/7
  9. I now need an edit of I Rise to remove the distraction from a great track
  10. Happy with anything, they have been shooting footage of everything for many years and it has always resulted in nothing at all. Surprised they saved this till now, it would have been perfect to release as part of the album launch for media to use to augment their mostly boring interviews.
  11. That was really disappointing to see from Emma, she is lost in the cause now and cant see the bigger picture. I feel sorry for Madonna, someone on all sides always lining up to bash her one way or the other.
  12. Wow nearly at 2m and getting lots of attention. Its a very well produced video, very impressive they spent a lot of time and attention to detail on it...many notable moments for one video
  13. I like him. Madonna should support talking truth to power and she really could have owned it.
  14. Love hearing her talk about the songs, great interview
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