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  1. So true, not a social media type issue for the outraged mob wanting to shut down any actual discussion
  2. She was not wise to put it on social media, too narrow and too many extremists quick to judge through their own prism for a point that requires reading, understanding and perception
  3. Shocked that Madonna fans would hate and attack a 16 year old girl and believe and promote a corporate media trying to protect their multi billion empire. I cant count the amount of times the media have tried to use the same false narrative on Madonna to undermine her achievements, message and deeds...the Malawi bashing for example.
  4. I really think the tax returns and conflict of interest issues are the best means of revealing both the Russian connections and Trumps fake credentials.....if only the media could focus and not be so easily distracted by every little twit he makes
  5. Oh that big picture, that goes for any religion. Nothing to do with love
  6. It is insane but not surprising, what do you mean by believe in that shit? believe that it actually happens or that a merciful approach is best??
  7. Discussing the points people raise with rational argument is different than supporting or being an apologist for them. I do not believe censorship is the answer and in a forum context it descends into like minded opinions backing up an isolated view of the world. Basically surrounding yourself with yes men who agree with you.
  8. It would serve you well to broaden your history knowledge, Obama and Hilary have only carried on the same foreign policy stance the US has taken for decades. Good or bad they are not evil masterminds of a new policy, just custodians of a bad and corrupted policy driven by power and money. No one person, president or not can change that in one term, international politics is complex. The 60 mins interview was very well managed, the real stinger being Trump claiming to be unaware of the cases of racism and bigotry perpetuated in his name. Hard to tell if its another blatant lie or real case of Trump in is ivory tower. My hope is people who voted for him realize sooner rather than later they have been played and the rich businessman is not going to help them one bit, he is part of the capitalist machine that will argue making corporations richer will trickle down. The sad part is these decent people who just want change have compromised their values and rationalized the negative aspects of the Trump campaign. The man has zero EQ and will not be part of the revolution.
  9. I appreciate Hilary. Madonna fans should be able to recognize the sexism in the way she has been treated. The complexity of everyone's lives involves contradictions and compromises. International politics would compound that so breaking down any good Hilary has done just because she dealt with Saudi Arabia is too simplistic, they are rich and get away with a lot while dealing with every country. It will be nothing compared to what Trump and crew will now compromise for money and power. Hilary, like everyone has a right to not agree with Gay marriage, but she is supportive of diversity and not other extremes which the Trump camp is associated with. I also completely respect how Trump conned people across the board with statements that had no substance at all, all minorities are going to suffer in his and the rights world view that the strongest survive and deserve all the spoils of victory...no matter how they play the game. The lies and hysteria that fed off Republican political rhetoric about Hilary (which even Trump is now wanting to drop quickly because he knows there was no substance) has many parallels to what people can believe about Madonna,,,she is a fake, that its not her real name, never written a song, uses her charity for evil, is a satanic worshiping whore etc etc. These things would never get raised about men, especially male politicians...the language and rules of engagement are different and despite how much of a typical politician Hilary is its unfair to hold her to different standards that every other politician.
  10. I am surprised to see so little American anger directed toward the FBI, seems more people concerned about Facebook news feeds than an independent government agency deliberately interfering in an election result
  11. Have to be willing to look past the election banter and see if Trumps language was reflective of his real values or just an anything to win approach. Hopefully he can control the more radical elements and correct the lies exploited to gain power, both sides presented an extreme view of each candidate that was mainly fictional, including demonizing Hilary. It’s a great time to evaluate your media news sources. Gotta love democracy but its not fool proof and America seems to have a lot of people who actually think Trump will do something for the poor or working class, time will tell how foolish that was but he is not a demon, just a potential dictator. That was way out of line for Rosie, she deserves what she gets for that.
  12. So sad, every police officer should have to watch that video of Alton's son. Its such a pity the Dallas protest ended like that, changes the focus entirely and will allow these racists and privileged white people (the subliminally racist) to justify police actions.
  13. Fingers crossed for Bernie, l just returned from US and that guy has some serious common sense and progressive policies. That may or may not serve him positively in the current environment but l have faith most of America is common sense or can be persuaded that way...its getting them to vote that's his challenge.
  14. The hacker hacked but Madonna chose to react. She should have ignored it but wanted to put out the real product. I think this album is so so good and diverse they can and should just keep releasing singles and live performances throughout the tour period. What can you lose.
  15. That's awesome, much more than l expected and happy she gets for stats purposes. I would love to see another video for the song that incorporated all her controversies over the years with the different groups basically saying who do you think you are...from church to feminists, she has withstood so much. This would give the song a real narrative and explain the thinking behind it.....as well as educate some with a history lesson.
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