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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Because its not the Madonna l want to see, not that serious. I dont need to be an extremist and cut myself off but l am selective about what l follow and if your argument is crass commercialism is everywhere so its ok l dont subscribe. I hate the pressure woman have to look young with perfect skin and focus on their looks. I enjoyed the ads with the fat Jewish dude but have had enough of the promoting. You guys enjoy
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Fair enough but l am pushing 45 and do not really have any expectations of M's insta, it just got too much when she is cross promoting the skin line in every second post and feels like the friend on social media who took up direct marketing job suddenly trying to bring it up in every situation for sales, use the MDNA skin Instagram for promotion. Madonna has had strong thoughts on the negativity of corporate cross promotion herself. I dont expect her to be perfect but she not short of a $$$ to do this so much, l get she must be enjoying it but its ok for fans to not like that aspect. I would rather unfollow for a while to avoid the negativity.
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I finally had to unfollow, l cant deal with my idol the skin care saleswoman, its too long and too much now!!! sad. I know the snippets of songs will get posted here so happy to miss the bad selfies.
  4. Miley Cyrus

  5. M shades Cherish

    Shes just trying to be a cool kid, she realized how crap and shallow holy water is after performing it every night. Cherish all the way
  6. So glad Jan set this straight quickly...this guy is a mini Trump, its all about him and his tone talking about any woman reveals a deep seated male privilege and misogyny. Vile nasty horrible radio show where fans pretend they are just real people saying it how it is with no political correctness... in other words arseholes
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    MDNA is philanthropic now!! I think its that focus on marketing her skin care constantly on her personal Instagram that is driving most of these type of comments. I dont think that's very intelligent of her but any fan should be happy enough with the few acoustic snippets to forgive that.
  8. I have never tried to publish a book but agree you would not get that in writing. Verbally is another matter if he has a relationship with the publisher from prior works but that is also a good indicator its not good quality or a good read if they reject this but have published him before
  9. I almost expected Madonna to suddenly stop and call herself out for singing that shit. But at least she still experiments
  10. That would be amazing of she makes the music in Portugal. I am not taking the post too literally, l think it was a general comment and no immediate plans for new music.
  11. The multiple version thing has really reached a point of commercial exploitation of her fan base, that many versions instead of just one decent one with what they promised would be included (TOAC) and some basic extras. Not getting my money for nothing if its just a lazy rehash of the broadcast version.
  12. Yes its hilarious that he thinks the BA screenplay is inaccurate because he is not in it, which means he thinks his role was pretty central to her success story. Delusional
  13. http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/celebrities-gone-bad/madonnas-brother-christopher-ciccone-reignites-feud-with-horrific-sister-in-tellall/news-story/a92aaab3c80f8d0d6efdc586d019702c Is Christoper bitter about losing the auction funds now. Maybe she should pass him enough cash to keep him happily wasted
  14. http://www.gaytimes.co.uk/culture/81923/10-reasons-whos-girl-classic-movie/ Does it really take this long to get some appreciation, love this movie. I took many days of school to make sure l saw Nikki on the big screen as many times as l could (and Truth or Dare nearly made me fail my first year at uni)