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  1. The multiple version thing has really reached a point of commercial exploitation of her fan base, that many versions instead of just one decent one with what they promised would be included (TOAC) and some basic extras. Not getting my money for nothing if its just a lazy rehash of the broadcast version.
  2. roma

    Songs that you hate.

    Drake- anything but especially One Dance. He has the worst twang in his voice Fine Young Cannibals- She drives me crazy MJ Bad, Makes no sense at all, especially being sung by him Macklemore- Thrift Shop and the rest..horrible, and they picked on Madonna for the AL rap!! Carly whoever- Call me maybe Boyz ll men- End of the world
  3. I suspect its Guy who has got close with this fan and thinks its a great way to save money. Madonna does not care about that anymore and unfortunately if Madonna is told lots of fans hate it she will do it even more to be a rebel!!
  4. I wish l could love it but it gives me anxiety to watch. Her editing skills were influenced too much by Guy Richie, If choreography tells a story how can we follow it when no single shot lasts long enough to follow through a dance move, look or attitude. I am glad some enjoy it.
  5. Oh well, at least we can move along, nothing to see here except the clear view of the DVD in the bargain bin by x-mas, l do hate seeing Madonna there and often buy the duplicates! No TOAC!
  6. The girl has to pay the bills:) I was disappointed and impatient for the DVD and TOAC after the amazing Australian shows but yeah its just way too long and the editing is crap anyway, moved on and now its going to feel like nostalgia which l dont have time for.. No artist should edit their own shows, l want it real, honest and raw but hold the sugar.
  7. That will delay the release still but yes they will make more money from a distribution deal than DVD sales.
  8. Outside of touring they just dont want our Money$$$$. Madonna fans are old and more cashed up so they should be releasing things online and taking our money.
  9. roma

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    I really think the tax returns and conflict of interest issues are the best means of revealing both the Russian connections and Trumps fake credentials.....if only the media could focus and not be so easily distracted by every little twit he makes
  10. It is a long time to wait and l hope she is joking. I would not mind if it was a guaranteed thing with extras ) ie actually announced that it will happen) but with a movie on the horizon l hope it doesn't get left in the dust
  11. Oh that big picture, that goes for any religion. Nothing to do with love
  12. It is insane but not surprising, what do you mean by believe in that shit? believe that it actually happens or that a merciful approach is best??
  13. roma

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Discussing the points people raise with rational argument is different than supporting or being an apologist for them. I do not believe censorship is the answer and in a forum context it descends into like minded opinions backing up an isolated view of the world. Basically surrounding yourself with yes men who agree with you.
  14. I still really hanging out for a professional filmed TOAC, losing faith this will be part of the package but l hope they do hurry up
  15. It would serve you well to broaden your history knowledge, Obama and Hilary have only carried on the same foreign policy stance the US has taken for decades. Good or bad they are not evil masterminds of a new policy, just custodians of a bad and corrupted policy driven by power and money. No one person, president or not can change that in one term, international politics is complex. The 60 mins interview was very well managed, the real stinger being Trump claiming to be unaware of the cases of racism and bigotry perpetuated in his name. Hard to tell if its another blatant lie or real case of Trump in is ivory tower. My hope is people who voted for him realize sooner rather than later they have been played and the rich businessman is not going to help them one bit, he is part of the capitalist machine that will argue making corporations richer will trickle down. The sad part is these decent people who just want change have compromised their values and rationalized the negative aspects of the Trump campaign. The man has zero EQ and will not be part of the revolution.