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  1. Thanks for sharing, did not realize she performed at all any more. At least she always knew where her strength was, military precision choreography.
  2. As a casual Kylie fan l had zero idea she had new material out until l came to check that latest Gaga hate. I like the video, its very cute and easy but something in the phrasing of the songs versus is wrong and stops you connecting, its like a breezy sigh at the end of each line.
  3. I attribute it to the politics mostly, song quality makes no difference to radio if the people choosing the hits are politically and $$$$ influenced and we know they are and more so all the time, its the American way.
  4. Miley Cyrus

  5. The multiple version thing has really reached a point of commercial exploitation of her fan base, that many versions instead of just one decent one with what they promised would be included (TOAC) and some basic extras. Not getting my money for nothing if its just a lazy rehash of the broadcast version.
  6. :) i felt sorry for her while grinning widely. Noted, l have been around here for over 10 years and it is dangerous to be a moderate in the forum world these days. Everyone wants to align to an extreme and think your baiting them if you don't join the lynch mob. I believe the hate only creates bad karma for Madonna in fandom
  7. thanks your right, l did add edge and you and l to my Fame file and deleted the rest of BTW. I have fond memories of that period and the songs. Maybe Madonna has set my expectations too high but l cant understand how people who can make such a melodic pop songs lose their quality control. No hate for the Lady though, actually l felt sorry for her during the radio question about Madonna where she got triggered, it was like a middle child syndrome...Marcia Marcia Marcia!!
  8. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Poor mimi, but sooooo entertaining, we need an embarrassing diva in the mix
  9. Miley Cyrus

    Nice tones again and well written but inspired is a hard word to fit in the melody, sounds clunky but its making me excited for the album
  10. Oh dont be like that, leave them under the bed. Credit where its due. Edge of Glory is awesome and the rest is such good fun
  11. Listened to The Fame today, what a great album. Pity what happened since
  12. That is a really nice portrait, Keep looking you will find it.
  13. Miley Cyrus

    I think its a grower, l listed once days ago and thought it was nice but just figured out the tune has been stuck in my head, Hope it gets some love
  14. I suspect its Guy who has got close with this fan and thinks its a great way to save money. Madonna does not care about that anymore and unfortunately if Madonna is told lots of fans hate it she will do it even more to be a rebel!!
  15. I wish l could love it but it gives me anxiety to watch. Her editing skills were influenced too much by Guy Richie, If choreography tells a story how can we follow it when no single shot lasts long enough to follow through a dance move, look or attitude. I am glad some enjoy it.