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  1. British Home Secretary Priti Patel defends new immigration points system as she insists it's 'not the end of the Polish builder'
  2. The EU has totally missed the point of Brexit if it thinks it will retain some supervision over British actions, the UK's chief negotiator said on Monday. To think that we might accept EU supervision on so-called level playing field issues simply fails to see the point of what we are doing", the British negotiator David Frost said in a speech he gave on a visit to Brussels. "It is central to our vision that we must have the ability to set laws that suit us – to claim the right that every other non-EU country in the world has," Frost added.
  3. He's a fake asshole And everything is for show Nothing sincere about him Nothing changes at the core Don't be fooled by the first Jesuit Pope Jesuits are the filthiest and most dangerous among Roman Catholic hierarchy The Roman Catholic Church remains what it always was and has been for two millennia, rotten, devious, arrogant and beyond dirty. That very same institution that was the first to licence the slave trade and made it possible all over the world. The same organisation that doesn't pay taxes over billions worth of land and property, that has hidden
  4. I mean geographically speaking I'm not referring to the EU The British and Irish Isles, Iceland, Scandinavia, mainland Europe (Germany, France), the Italian peninsula, the Iberian Peninsula, the Balkans, Greece, part of Russia etc are all part of the European continent. They are located in Europe I think there can be some confusion when people use the terms EU and Europe (the continent) interchangeably. It's not the same thing
  5. I missed it sorry Anyway much to Farage dismay Scandinavia is still a part of Europe
  6. If all these people don't stop playing this greedy, brutal, warring, nonsensical game then there's no way WW3 won't happen. But then don't tell people that Russia, Iran and China are the bogus man
  7. Amen Couldn't have said it better When I recently heard they have just released a new commemorative 50p coin in celebration of the country finally leaving the EU I have been laughing so hard for three straight days. These are exactly the kind of empire nostalgia meaningless endeavours that I have often referred to in this thread The truth is Britain joined the EU when it was convenient to them and their crushed economy in the mid 70s, already received a myriad concessions, from border control to keeping the pound sterling, what else did they want? But they didn't mind ben
  8. And Russia is not a continent, it's a country, part of it lies in Europe and another part in Asia
  9. @runa darling Europe is geographically speaking a continent. A state in the European area could not be a EU member state but still be part of Europe (the continent) and not the political construct. The British Isles are of course not part of mainland Europe being islands but they are nonetheless part of the European continent Just a little clarification
  10. I think nothing is written in stone yet. All those conservatives that for three fucking years couldn't vote Theresa May's plan yet suddenly and mysteriouly gathered around that clown Johnson are still going to face the EU apparatus in terms of deal negotiation. There is still after all the possibility of a no deal by December 31 2020, that's the EU deadline. And in any case very little would change, just like Norway's case they never wanted in the EU but de facto have to abide by all its treaties and regulations. Boris Johnson or anybody else in British politics is a deluded mess by still wink
  11. The QE gimmick is the greatest scam ever, in the US and Europe alike. Printing money like there's no tomorrow. De facto just creating more debt and dependency. Then the powers that be decide to pull the plug and it's 2008 all over again, only ten times worse
  12. Totally And by the way I'd like to add that Israel, Gulf Countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman etc, who are factually and mainstream recognisedly linked to 9/11 by the way) and the Sunnite element of Islam are the worst. But all US governments and its intelligence agencies, plus the UK and other European countries with the addition of the Vatican and the Jesuits in particular are accomplices to this great hypocrisy. See Yemen, among most recent citable examples And as for Syria? A millennial and culturally rich civilization where Christian minorities have always been respected. Tha
  13. Scary pictures Surreal Dreadful situation
  14. Lies lies, excuses Killing a foreign high ranking official abroad, with zero legal international mandate constitutes in fact a declaration of war. The UN is officially dead. Iraq part Deux, Libya, Syria etc etc have taught nothing to the mighty West have they. Keep machoing and butchering your way through the world with ZERO second planning whatsoever Iran was on the cards just like all the other Middle Eastern countries attacked unilaterally and illegally by all International standards (with the occasional help of the UK) long before 9/11 even "happened" Meanwhile, keep pouring
  15. Same feelings for me I really would like to know what the people who voted for Johnson and the ones who voted for Brexit in general three and a half years ago think or maybe they don't think at all. After Thatcher's and Blair's alike deindustrialization and wild privatisations policies the UK doesn't produce anything at all, industrially speaking. Its ACTUAL economy pales in comparison to the economies of Germany, France and Italy Their only source of revenue is the advanced services sector, finance, insurance and a heavily rigged and overpriced property and rent market. That source
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