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  1. Cummings is another matter. A controversial figure who relishes his role as an outsider, he also has a common touch when it comes to distilling a message with a brilliance complemented by Johnson's own flair for capturing the national mood. So while it was Johnson, then-Mayor of London, who in 2016 sensed an appetite for leaving the EU which his more senior colleagues missed, it was Cummings, head of the Vote Leave Campaign, who boiled it down to the simple and devastatingly effective slogan of "Take Back Control." (In a 2019 TV movie about the Brexit referendum, Cummings was played by actor B
  2. ....... At the start of the lockdown, Dr. Catherine Calderwood, Scotland's Chief Medical Officer, fell on her sword after admitting two overnight visits at her seaside holiday cottage, having fronted the campaign urging Scots to stay home. Though Calderwood apologized for her actions and initially said she planned to stay on in her post, she later released a statement that she had quit and acknowledging that the "justifiable focus" on her actions could pose a distraction to the response to the pandemic.
  3. As a sign of the strength of feeling, more than a dozen Church of England bishops have condemned both Johnson and his adviser. One, Nick Baines, the Bishop of Leeds, asked on Twitter: "[D]o we accept being lied to, patronised and treated by a PM as mugs?" -- implying he took a dim view of the Prime Minister's claim that Mr. Cummings had not broken the letter or spirit of the quarantine laws through his actions. In one of the more moving responses, Helen Goodman, until December the Labour Party MP for Durham, the northern town Cummings visited to stay in a property belonging to his parents
  4. How coronavirus hypocrisy is tarnishing Boris Johnson's government https://edition.cnn.com/2020/05/25/opinions/cummings-covid-19-social-distancing-johnson-response-prince/index.html (CNN) When British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was fighting for his life last month, his chief adviser Dominic Cummings was dealing with his own Covid-related battle. Now the circumstances of Cummings' case, and in particular how and where he chose to deal with it, pose a challenge to the health of the British government and may even threaten the UK's capacity to swiftly fight off the v
  5. BBC's Simon McCoy slams colleague Gary Lineker for 'abusing his position' The Match of the Day host defended himself https://www.entertainmentdaily.co.uk/royals/bbcs-simon-mccoy-slams-colleague-gary-lineker-for-abusing-his-position/?format=amp Newsreader Simon McCoy has said that BBC colleague Gary Lineker is 'abusing his position' after he called Boris Johnson a liar in a tweet. Match Of The Day host Lineker condemned the Prime Minister, asking him to 'stop lying' after Johnson stood by his adviser, Dominic Cummings. The government
  6. This I've never liked him It felt odd that someone from the Left would hold onto Thatcher's dreadful privatisation and deindustrialization policies to begin with. And let's not even go into the 2003 Iraq issue or his conversion to Roman Catholicism (power of the highest order)
  7. Same thing for me My teens and early twenties coincided with the turn of the century. I remember being 13 mid 90s and all you could hear was the phrase @Kim mentioned, Cool Britannia Oasis, Blur, the Spice Girls, the Blair years, Madonna shortly after moving there I know it sounds shallow but as I've said I was 13 and back then pre social media and digital age television was still very powerful and instrumental in shaping people's perceptions, particularly kids perceptions Suddenly the UK that up until that point seemed to many continental Europeans stiff and cold appeared inst
  8. I hear you They have been trying to do that to Italy as well (and are still trying), having the country renowned for his many and varied culinary traditions, wholesome Mediterranean diet and certified products get flooded with cheap genetically modified crap from Monsanto and the likes. Namely with that ghastly, highly controversial TTIP deal the US government was trying to impose on the EU a few years back Of course Italian farmers, entrepreneurs and some noble politicians were having NONE of that
  9. Says it all Watching him now giving a press interview in the rose garden adjacent to the Downing Street building Stuttering all the way through his lies and contradictions, trying to reassure the many journalists present in total grilling mode Judging by his clutching at straws and really poor answers that have already been made into memes, this will make the current government sink even lower with public opinion's perception I've read that under regulatory laws aides are not supposed to face the press directly or give out any type of statements ... Well out the window with
  10. People outside Dominic Cummings' London residence shouting "hypocrite". Yet he still won't resign
  11. Sturgeon's BBC Interview this morning I say this with a very heavy heart - I really do fear that Boris Johnson has decided to put political interest ahead of the public interest The consequences of that are potentially very serious. Trust in public health messaging is very important, and arguably as we go into the phases where we start to lift lockdown that becomes even more important because we rely less on the letter of the law and much more on guidance and appealing to people’s good judgement Word
  12. I wonder what he's got on Johnson to make him so protective of him in spite of the press and public reactions. The way he handled reporters outside his London home alone ... So arrogant, "I don't have to explain anything, hey, you're not staying two meters apart" I fucking can't, honestly this type of behaviour of people not resigning in the evidence of wrongdoing is more characteristic of an Italian parliament member, I would never have thought to see British politics in this dire, disjointed and pitiful state
  13. Agreed This story is not going to go away and it is certainly not going to go down well with most of the papers, BBC or not, but most of all with the public and anyone who's made an effort to stay put and cooped up and it's probably going to lose their job or at the very least face hardships in the near future The sad excuse of his four year old son is utterly insulting and pitiful, there are people who haven't been able to say goodbye to their parents or grandparents or care for their children, normal people (just like in Italy where you couldn't celebrate funerals) who certainly do
  14. I've noticed that too Pathetic I was like WTF As @Raider of the lost Ark was saying in the Corona thread the BBC in particular has gone into overdrive trying to minimise other European countries successes in the fight against the pandemic What is even more striking is that they are talking about a phased reopening of schools in a week time when there is so much internal and external divide on this particular issue, especially considering five and six year old have no understanding of social distancing etc, and talking about a phase 2 or phase 3 when in fact not only
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