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  1. I love Madonna even more now! She's just the best pop star ever.
  2. I just saw a bunch of trump supporters on CNN and they are scary they fear everything and think trump says the things they have in their minds... Ew
  3. Adele thread

    I agree.
  4. I really love this song. Pop perfection.
  5. Hahahahaha I didn't cry but I got chills! Lol
  6. Madonna I love you! You're the best and always will be!
  7. A present to MadonnaNation

    Omg thank you!
  8. Ariana Grande

    I like her Instagram picture with Madonna. This girl is annoying but I do like her new song "One last time."
  9. Ariana Grande

    Ponytail troll from hell HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  10. Amazing pictures! I love Madonna.
  11. The Wall Street journal? Ewwww .....anyway, I think she looks great and I love her.
  12. Exactly!... And let's not paint those Isis assholes as some kind of victims. They have been killing christian/moderate Muslim women and children the past 3 months in Iraq and parts of Syria. Have you all seen the beheadings? Disgusting.