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  1. He's still obsessed with Hillary
  2. Confessions era pic hanging there
  3. He was a big fan like the rest of us! That interviewer is Elvis Duran from NYC's Z100 mega radio station. He's been there forever and has always been a clueless moron.
  4. This administration gets more embarrassing each day! I'm watching the new communications director on TV repeatedly say today how much he LOVES Trump!
  5. So damn sick and what a surprise that it happened in Florida! The Good Samaritan laws in the U.S. are flimsy. These rotten kids and their parents need to be named and shamed! Their spawn are sociopaths!
  6. Her little monsters have the same delusional and twisted mentality of Trump supporters. They are hopelessly stupid and can't accept the truth staring at them in the face.
  7. The shady administration is trying to completely eliminate the daily White House press briefings. They ban cameras and audio on many days. Trump is more secretive and paranoid than Nixon!
  8. Delusional Xtina fans on stan twitter saying that's Christina's 2003 VMAs dress
  9. The romance took a bow as Shue tried to maintain a relationship with another woman, he said. Madonna wanted Shue to appear in a music video for her song, "Secret," but he couldn't make it. So another guy who looked like Shue appeared in the video, he said. Yeah ok.
  10. Gotta make some coins selling celebrity underwear and doing exclusive interviews cuz it ain't easy earning a living after serving 20 years for drug trafficking. NY Daily News Ex-con selling Madonna's panties that she gave him in 1994 BY STEPHEN REX BROWN NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, July 20, 2017, 10:15 PM A convicted drug dealer who dated Madonna has returned to a material world after 21 years in prison — so he's selling her panties. Peter Shue exclusively told the Daily News there's no sentimental value to the love letter and underwear he received from the Queen of Pop in 1994, when he was a high-rolling hustler known for his parties frequented by celebs. "What am I gonna keep them for? I don't wear them," Shue, 58, said of Madge's white satin undergarments. "I'm not going to give them to no girl to wear. Am I gonna trash them? Hm, should I throw them in the garbage? Or should I try to get a dollar off of them? What would you do?" The undies, along with Madonna’s other personal belongings, were to be part of an online auction by Gotta Have Rock and Roll that started Wednesday. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Gerald Lebovits temporarily halted the auction of 22 items after Madonna filed an emergency petition on Tuesday, arguing many of them were "highly confidential and embarrassing" and not for sale. On Thursday, Lebovits reaffirmed his decision. Bids for Madonna's skivvies were to start at $5,000. The auction house will get 15% of the winning bid, the rest will go to Shue, he said. He dismissed concerns about Madonna's privacy, saying there was no question her unmentionables were his. "If she feels that strongly about the underwear she could bid on the auction. Nobody can outbid her — get her panties back!" he said. "She's not gonna do that." Shue said he has let go of any anger against Madonna during his 21 years he was locked up for attempting to buy 15 kilos of cocaine. He is certain Madge had set him up. "I really don't have good things to say about her," he said. "I was trying to get my money washed through her and maybe she was trying to get me locked up." Before their relationship went south Shue and Madonna had a romance that could have only happened in New York in the 1990s. The drug dealer who threw black tie affairs first met the superstar on a Sunday at the now-closed W. 79th St. party spot Chaz and Wilson's Grill. Shue recalled one of Madonna's assistants approached him at the bar and said the chart topper wanted to talk to him. "I said I like my women black, like my coffee," he joked. Soon, Madonna tapped him on the shoulder. "She said that was a racist comment," Shue recalled. That evening, Shue claims he ended up at Madonna's home nearby on W. 64th St. "It was a regular night to me. You meet somebody, you go home, if something happens it happens," said Shue, who was far more explicit in his self-published memoir, “The Peter Shue Story, The Life of the Party,” which is available for sale on Amazon.com. Soon, Shue was traveling on the "Vogue" singer's private jet, visiting her in Miami and elsewhere. "She always told me she liked the way my eyes was, that she wanted to have a baby from me," said Shue, who grew up in the South Bronx, the son of a Chinese father and black mother. During their less than yearlong fling, Madonna urged Shue to fly to France with her. When he declined, she sent him the gift he would put up for auction 23 years later. "Before she got on the plane she took the underwear off — she didn't have no panties when she got on the plane — and sent one of her PR people to me with the panties and the note," he said. The package also included a photo of Madonna's new dog and a recording of her latest tunes. "The underwear you requested — holy water for obvious reasons — and my new record," the note read. "Please listen to it when you're alone - preferably with candles lit around you and no interruptions!" Shue could not recall the significance of the holy water. Madonna's attorney, Brendan O'Rourke, declined to comment. A message left with Madonna's agent was not returned. The romance took a bow as Shue tried to maintain a relationship with another woman, he said. Madonna wanted Shue to appear in a music video for her song, "Secret," but he couldn't make it. So another guy who looked like Shue appeared in the video, he said. Madonna then introduced Shue to Arlyne Brickman, who had written a book, "Mob Girl." Madonna was in talks to portray Brickman, a mafia informant, in a movie, Shue said. Brickman persuaded Shue to pursue the drug deal that led to his conviction on two drug charges and gun possession in 1996. Brickman, who could not be reached, testified at his trial. Still, Shue did not wish ill on Madonna. "I would never socialize with her. I wouldn't want to hang with her. But I forgive her," Shue said. "We might have had two different agendas and she actually won the chess match." WITH VICTORIA BEKIEMPIS
  11. I got excited for a millisecond thinking it said Trump resigned. Rats are jumping ship and his supporters still think everything is going GREAT!
  12. No surprise
  13. http://pagesix.com/2017/07/19/ex-madonna-pal-strikes-back-over-auction-delay-order/amp/ Ex-Madonna pal strikes back over auction delay order By Julia Marsh July 19, 2017 | 5:47pm The Material Girl is living in a delusional world, according to a former friend trying to make some money off a cache of the superstar’s personal belongings. Madonna had filed an emergency suit against ex-pal Darlene Lutz and the New York-based auction house Gotta Have It! Collectibles on Tuesday to block the auction of 22 of her personal items from going forward Wednesday. But in new court papers, Lutz says Madonna freely gave away the items, including a love letter to her from Tupac Shakur, the singer’s worn panties and a hairbrush. “I was friends with Plaintiff Madonna Ciccone and worked as an independent art adviser, helping her build her art collection, from about 1983 to 2004,” the 62-year-old Soho resident says in the new filing. “As a result of my close relationship with plaintiff, I received certain [items] directly from her,” Lutz says in the papers. As for the undergarments, Lutz says Madonna’s party promoter ex-boyfriend, Peter Shue, put those up for auction. “Lot No. 10 is a pair of underwear and a letter that Madonna apparently sent to a love interest,” Lutz says in an affidavit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday. “He, not I, consigned [the underwear] for auction,” Lutz says. Her Madgesty’s suit “conveniently omits that she had sent her underwear with a handwritten note to a former love interest ‘as you requested’ ‘for love & luck,'” Lutz notes. “If Madonna truly wanted privacy, then mailing her lingerie was not the way to go,” the ex-pal snipes in court papers. “Any harm or embarrassment that she claims to have suffered was her doing,” Lutz adds. Late Tuesday, Justice Gerald Leibovitz signed the order halting the auction and set a hearing date for September, when Madonna will be back in the country. Last week she was in southeastern Africa celebrating the opening of a children’s hospital funded by her charity Raising Malawi. Lutz is now asking him to reverse his ruling. “This lawsuit is pretext for Madonna’s personal vendetta against Ms. Lutz, whom she already has sued once over a decade ago following a personal falling out,” the filing states. Lutz says Madonna has no right to sue her over the auction items because of a settlement the two reached after a disagreement over the pop star’s art collection. Lutz paid Madonna a “certain sum of money,” and in exchange Madonna “provided the broadest possible general release to me releasing all claims, known or unknown, ‘by reason of any event, transaction or other relationship or cause whatsoever,'” Lutz says in court papers. A lawyer for Madonna did not immediately return messages seeking comment.
  14. Their bodycams were shut off and the squad car dashcam was off until after the shooting. And why did the cop who shot her go in alone? His partner was still at the squad car. Cops usually don't go into high risk situations like this without their backup!
  15. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-people-madonna-idUSKBN1A52OT O'Rourke said it was only recently that Lutz unlawfully took possession, after Madonna learned where the items were, asked for their return, and was refused.
  16. This out of the blue auction was very suspiciously timed! It was publicly known For awhile that Madonna was heading to Malawi in July for the Mercy James Pedriatic Center opening. And Madonna has had a big trip to Malawi every (or nearly every?) summer for years. They did this to ambush her hoping she'd be too occupied in a remote part of the world to respond in time to try to stop it. They were planning this for awhile waiting for the ideal time to catch her off guard and release all this stuff for sale. And also to reach the statute of limitations as others mentioned in this thread. These fucking sleazy snakes!