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  1. http://radaronline.com/celebrity-news/madonna-boyfriend-mystery-model-lisbon-portugal-kevin-sampaio/ Madonna ‘Getting Serious’ With A Brand-New Boy Toy! Meet the 31-year-old hunk is that has Madge ready to move overseas! By James Vituscka Posted on May 26, 2017 @ 6:54AM Superstar singer Madonna has found love, yet again! And surprise surprise, he’s a whopping 27 years younger than she is. RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that the 58-year-old is currently in Lisbon, Portugal, with her much younger model boyfriend, Kevin Sampaio – who she’s been secretly dating for over a year! “Madonna did not want to go public with Kevin until now because she was just trying to get to know him better and she wanted to make sure that she could trust him,” a source close to Madge told Radar. “She was impressed by the fact that, after a year of dating, he did not go running to the press and that he kept their romance private.” According to the insider, Madonna first met the 31-year-old when he starred as her love interest in her video, “Bitch I’m Madonna!” “They had chemistry right away and she approached him on set, which is completely rare because NO ONE is allowed to make eye contact with Madonna on set unless she initiates the conversation,” said the insider. “But Madonna took a liking to him because, aside from being super sexy, he could make her laugh!” As previously reported by Radar, Madonna and Sampaio – who was not identified at the time – had a romantic NYC dinner together in March. At the time, the source revealed that Sampaio had accompanied her on her trip to Africa, when she adopted four-year-old Malawi twins, Estere and Stella. “They have gotten a lot more serious in the past six months and he’s great with her kids,” the pal dished to Radar. “Madonna just doesn’t like the idea of people thinking that she is a cougar who preys on younger men because it is not like that at all.” “They come to her,” the source said. “Men her age just can’t keep up!”
  2. Amazing footage! That street and entrance into MSG still looks very much the same today! I live for the buzz poppin' in front of MSG whenever there's a Madonna concert scheduled there.
  3. Remember when that CUBB monster who used to be a member here claimed that Gaga is a sex pinup that straight men lust after?
  4. She's a FUCKING DISGUSTING idiot and so are her few remaining fans.
  5. Her breasts look more pornoplastic and bigger than Mary Carey's!
  6. Liz Rosenberg was her PR too
  7. She's a disgusting idiot. Look at her putting the word partner in quotes
  8. http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/05/20/french-tv-host-makes-fake-gay-online-profile-to-mock-gay-men-live-on-tv/ French TV host makes fake gay online profile to mock gay men live on TV A French TV presenter has created a dating app and used it to mock gay people on live television. Touche Pas A Mon Poste presenter Cyril Hanouna created the fake profile and then pranked people who messaged him. In the segment on the programme Don’t Touch My TV Set, the presenter spoke to those who messaged him using overly camp gestures and feminine voices. The people who were unaware that they were on the phone were coaxed into talking about their sexual fantasies. Hanna defended the incident and claimed that he was a staunch fighter against homophobia. “Homophobia is everything I’ve been fighting against for years, just like xenophobia, racism and misogyny, and today being called homophobic makes me feel really sad,” he said. Max Emerson was used as the picture for the online portfolio, and he has since condemned the “prank”. Since going on air on Thursday, the CSA which regulates television standards has received numerous complaints about the segment of the show. SOS Homophobie, an association in France which protects gay people, has also made a formal complaint. President of the organisation, Joël Deumier, deemed the segment “scandalous, shameful and homophobic”. “When you let people get away with behaviour like this, you trivialise homophobic discourse. “This sketch was deeply homophobic and you would have to be aware of it,” he said. The show has received nearly 6,500 complaints in the last year. A group of French journalists who studied the show over a period of four weeks found that the show had mentioned homosexuality 42 times, and most often it was mentioned with the intention to “demean it”.
  9. Gag is getting criticized on twitter for not addressing the Manchester victims but she takes the time to celebrate Born This Way's 6th Anniversary
  10. This is the Republican strategy at work - don't answer, deny, deflect, distract. Doubt they could find a worse person to oversee our children's future.
  11. Petty Lupone is wise to not have any social media because I would've relentlessly dragged the fuck out of that bitter ugly hag and given her a STROKE!
  12. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/walmart-shopper-tells-latina-go-back-mexico-calls-black-woman-n763806 MAY 23 2017, 7:29 PM ET Walmart Shopper Tells Latina ‘Go Back To Mexico,’ Calls Black Woman Racial Slur In a video gone viral, a white woman is seen spewing racial slurs at a Latina and a black women at a Walmart store in Bentonville, Arkansas. The video, posted on Monday on Facebook by Eva Hicks, shows the woman yelling at Hicks saying "go back to Mexico... go back... wherever you're from." In the video Hicks is heard saying she was just trying to get her medicine on the shelf and that she said "excuse me." "You're in America," the white woman continued. That's when a third customer intervened, at one point calling out the white woman for berating Hicks. The black woman told the white woman "Stop being ignorant." The white woman then said, "a ("n" word) calling me ignorant?" "Yes, all this go back to Mexico and all that stuff, yes, absolutely," the black woman shouted. Hicks was speechless to hear the white woman use the racial slur and said, "Oh my goodness, you're very rude." "It's not your country. We don't want you here," the white woman said. "No, I'm not going to get out of here... because this is my country," Hicks continued. Hicks is heard sobbing, and the white woman continues to mock her. At this point a store manager intervenes and tries to resolve the conflict. The manager eventually tells the white woman to leave the store for being "inappropriate." In an interview with NBC News a representative of Walmart said that they have tried to reach out to Hicks to apologize for the incident, but have not been able to reach her. Walmart representatives said they are also gathering information to reach out to the third customer who intervened. Randy Hargrove, the senior director of Walmart Media Relations, said the behavior of the white woman was "unacceptable." "We value and respect everyone who visits our stores. We have no tolerance for the language or actions of this customer and are proud that our assistant manager responded appropriately by asking her to leave the store," said Hargrove. Hargrove said they haven't been able to identify the woman who was using the racial slurs, but he said she will be banned from all Walmart stores once identified. We reached out to Hicks for comment and are awaiting response.
  13. It's not too late Bradley! Cancel this flop project NOW! Or DROP Gaga! He's going to damage his career with this mess which isn't even good enough to be a made for Lifetime TV movie.
  14. Please use the spoiler tag for obscene hideous content like that!