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  1. Shopgal1984

    MDNA Leakage Rumors

    Gang Bang has been circulating in certain circles for a while now... I'm very surprised it's not seen the light of day already to be honest.
  2. Shopgal1984

    MDNA Leakage Rumors

    I second this! "You were building my coffin, you were driving my hearse! " 'DRRRRRRIVVVVVVVVEEEEE BITCHHHHHHHHH"
  3. Shopgal1984

    The MDNA Thread

    No way! We never post albums and we would never post MDNA
  4. Shopgal1984

    The MDNA Thread

    It certainly won't be me Whoopie
  5. Shopgal1984

    The MDNA Thread

    A leak is coming this weekend i hear.....
  6. Shopgal1984

    Rate The Demo: Give Me All Your Love

    It's a three for me. Fun and catchy but as a comeback single quite underwhelming. I really hope they've done a lot of work on it and its not close to the final version
  7. A credible source revealed to us that Madonna is going to be on the Interscope division. http://www.hardcandymusic.com/2011/11/madonnas-new-album-to-be-released-on-universal.html I hope it works out better than Warner!
  8. Shopgal1984

    Guy Oseary is pissed...

    LMAO! and apparently its been traded with Jorge (the primary leaker) today so CROSS YA FINGERS!
  9. Shopgal1984

    Sticky & Sweet O2 July 4th & 5th

    its sounds like it was one hot show!! and she looks amazing love the new candy shop hair!
  10. Shopgal1984

    Official MILES AWAY video

    you can watch it online at Hard Candy Music (shameless promotion! )
  11. Shopgal1984

    Madonna: Innocence Lost (1994)

    I just watched this a week ago.... hilarious i cant the chick looks more like gloria estefan than Madonna LOL
  12. Shopgal1984

    New Madonna Song?

    Oh, this is all such a mess
  13. Shopgal1984

    Madonna & Mercy

    Urgh its really the worst
  14. Shopgal1984

    Madonna in the studio...NOW

    somebody is tweeting again now LOL