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  1. Reductive Piece Of Shit.
  2. Spread this around, guys!
  3. Queen of Flops. putyourpawsdown#FlopAnne is spreading her rotting career while diversifying... @ladygaga 😂😂😂😂 #flop #Joanne #JoanneTour#FlopAnneTour #gaga Thanks @neilneilorangepeeldesigns for pointing out the disaster!
  4. Stupid bitch...she wishes!
  5. ANGEL!! I was so upset it didn't have a video.
  6. so many were Oscar worthy. Live To Tell This Used To Be My Playground I'll Remember You Must Love Me Beautiful Stranger Die Another Day Masterpiece We need another soundtrack song to get us through this dry period!
  7. Fuck that bitter bitch.
  8. how did this even become a "star"?