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  1. It took a while but finally got my items. Don’t lose hope
  2. My boxset arrived today (I’m from Brazil) and it’s SO beautiful. I’m in love with this edition
  3. After listening to some songs, I'm struggling with the fact she's not coming to Brazil. She sings in Portuguese (Brazilian accent) in at least 3 songs, has a collab with a pop singer from here. Sad
  4. I feel like Batuka is from a soundtrack.
  5. she really did embrace the Brazilian accent, even though we don't say "vai me botar louca", I thought you guys said it in Portugal haha
  6. Você pensa que eu sou loca = you think I'm crazy Você não vai me botar louca = you're not gonna drive me crazy Eu te amo, mas não deixo você me destruir - I love you, but I'm not gonna let you destroy me
  7. She hasn’t indeed. Madame X is a strategist
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