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  1. interesting. since this is getting personal (i have a story of my own), i tried to message you privately but i'm not allowed to for some reason. maybe i haven't been a forum member long enough or is that a bug?
  2. i don't know where you got that he loves madonna. he doesn't even like her. he likes some of her 80s dance stuff. but he even gave that a back-handed compliment in this review.
  3. yup. rich is a mariah stan. he doesn't even like "vogue" all that much. and he trashed confessions on his blog back in the day. OF COURSE that's who reviewed the album for pitchfork. it never even had a fucking chance.
  4. wouldn't this be triggered as a bot and be disqualified?
  5. as with most lead singles, i've heard "medellin" so much that it's hard to be objective. but if i had to base it on how i remember feeling after hearing them all for the first time, i think i liked "soltera" best. long term, "medellin" will probably win out though.
  6. yup. i wonder too. i'd forgotten about the eurovision rumor, but it all seems to make sense. i'm just glad it's being released, regardless of when.
  7. it's also poorly researched because bruce recently did a long residency on broadway (something madonna should do!) and madonna is doing residency-style shows in various cities this fall. not sure why these residencies need to happen in vegas only. other cities allow people who can't travel to see them.
  8. this was a serious commentary about a fucked up society (america) with a long history of racism that hasn't improved much in the last 30 years.
  9. i would add that the site was originally focused solely on indie-rock and was run by straight hipster guys. and i've never thought they were very good writers. the site historically looked down on pop music, with a few exceptions (you had to be "indie" or not be embraced by the mainstream - think robyn, lykke li, charli xcx). madonna was basically ignored for the first 10 years of the site's existence. they published "best of the 80s" and "best of the 90s" lists and aside from "like a virgin" they pretended she didn't exist. they started covering more pop around the time of hard candy, which of course was when it became cool to just shit on everything she did and they stepped up. since then they've been bought by conde nast (huge publisher in america) so they've started covering more mainstream stuff. so not covering madame x would be weird. they could surprise us. a 7/10 would be a big deal, but it wouldn't help her metacritic score.
  10. let's hope it stays that way. nothing good can come of a pitchfork review.
  11. it's my least favorite song on the album. it's catchy but i find the vocals grating and it just doesn't feel like a madonna song to me at all (which it isn't). it seems like it's getting a great response so i'm glad about that though!
  12. 1. madame x 2. mdna 3. hard candy 4. rebel heart
  13. those are my three least favorites too. i like "bitch i'm loca" best of the three, but it doesn't quite fit the album's tone and feels like a bonus track to me. i would swap it out with "ciao bella," which would flow really well into "i don't search i find."
  14. just the pop right before every time she sings "my cravings get dangerous."
  15. as much as i enjoy "i don't search i find," "god control" is more original and innovative. i love hearing the 90s vibe, but i could just as easily go listen to erotica. "god control" sounds like nothing she's ever done before.
  16. god control would have fit that bill too though. it's something totally new and unexpected but would also galvanize fans. i think featured artists are always going to help streaming (for the album) even if they're not released as singles.
  17. exactly. she enunciates so clearly on songs like "extreme occident" so it obviously has purpose and i think it adds to the effect of what she's singing. can't wait for the video.
  18. i agree about the album as a whole but i love body shop. the vocals and production are great. it's a precursor to come alive. and i think the lyrics are cute/clever.
  19. if anyone needs a US address, i'll happily take an extra!
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