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  1. You guys have a shit ton of nerve posting 20+ pages of hate on Lady Gaga and then act like you're the victim when a couple of people come to her defense. All you guys do is bash her and many other celebrities on their weight, their face, their voice, etc. as if you're some beautiful talented angel sent from heaven. Get over yourselves. Stefani Germanotta is a successful, talented woman and entrepreneur who has gone through a lot of shit to get where she is today, much like Madonna. They both have talked shit about each other countless of times, no one should have to be the bad guy here. It's 100% pathetic that I have to tell you guys this, considering most of you are already adults and should know better not to spread hate and negativity as if you're on some reality TV Show. Move on with your lives. If you don't have anything nice to say about Gaga then don't say anything.
  2. When you realize you're wrong so you try to make a witty comeback
  3. The song is about Taylor Kinney, who she didn't even meet until July 2011 on the set of the YoĆ¼ and I Music Video. ReCHecK YouR FaCTs
  4. ARTPOP in 2012 with Madeon he was only 18
  5. The demo is from 2012 FFS. And the song was released on ARTPOP... Its not her trying to be a "Gypsy" after being a country girl haha
  6. Adele thread

    That's a bit rude to say don't you think
  7. She always looks better natural I don't know why she has to go to this:
  8. Wh*re tea cup was from TFM. When she was always copy Madge Haha Fillers for dayssss