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  1. Yes, lgbt rights have regressed in many countries, but I believe it's just a temporary setback... it will do some damage for sure, but there's a slow progress around the corner
  2. I feel terrible about this, but even this is step in the right direction... the first time they see this, people will vandalize the posters.... the next time they will leave them and complain among themselves, then the next time they won't even notice the posters and they will instead complain about something more advanced.. etc.... and that's how progress usually works. That's why the conservatives are complaining about the posters, because they know things like this make a change for the better and there's not much they can do.
  3. They will blame Soros, and when he's dead, his son
  4. They'll jut roll in their own misery, blame minorities and think they're being patriotic heroes who love their country.... so predictable. Worse conditions will just make them more right wing and hateful.
  5. on climate change.... these are his exact words....
  6. amazing.... now his supporters will claim he was a genius for not blaming the Saudi prince, and he did it all for the American people, who deserve cheaper gas... MAGA indeed
  7. Gabbana is known for his crazy outbursts on social media, and he's definitely a racist loon... good riddance
  8. the problem is that his voters also think the world is very sick but that he is the solution
  9. Surely the movie will be whitewashed, with the number of kids reduced to 5-6 and one black kid and one girl added to fit today's norms
  10. apparently they went in to write their names in the cave as some sort of a maturity initiation ritual ( )and as the cave started getting flooded they went deeper and deeper to find shelter
  11. just read an article explaining that they might stay in the cave for up to 4 months, due to parts of the cave being flooded, so now teams are finding a way to bring them supplies for the next few months. Apparently the only way out is a 6 hour dive through mud, and it's difficult even for skilled professionals, so now teams are deciding what to do. Parts of the cave that can be drilled from the surface are not connected to the chamber where the kids are, and diving is impossible for them at the moment because the kids are not trained for that, so for the time being it seems like they will be stuck there. Unbelievable story, surely a movie will be made some day.
  12. I don't disagree with it... sharing somebody else's video depicting a kid involved in sexual acts is child pornography, the fact that it was their schoolmate or whatever is irrelevant
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