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  1. meh. it just irks me because it's inaccurate... there were no singing lines in the moments she's doing acrobatic poses... I know it's more like a metaphore, and supposed to be humorous, but disagree with it. I don't think we need to justify why she lip-syncs because Vogue has always been a lip-sync song anyway, like a performance at a drag ball.
  2. personally, I always found this argument ridiculous... she wasn't even miming in this position, this is before the singing part starts... there are parts of the choreography when she's just moving slowly or even standing, and she's still miming... Vogue is her miming song and there's no need to clutch at straws and make silly excuses.
  3. I think it's because it was her new peak at superstardom, the first one since the early 90's. While Bedtime Stories was quite successful, and Evita was a big success for her, she didn't really reach the success of her glory days until Frozen came out. It really changed everything for her, she was the definition of cool again, everyone loved it... So it was a comeback to her status of undeniably to most successful woman at the moment, she was the it star again... Bedtime Stories and Evita couldn't compare to how universally accepted she was with ROL.
  4. personally, I would love a big performance at any event, I wouldn't have any opinions about the location or the political background.
  5. whatever happens, both the fans and the haters will find a way to spin this as they please... the haters will accuse her of mass murder and the fans will justify her by saying she had to do the promo to earn enough money for Malawi
  6. if we're talking Album of the Year and Song/Record of the Year, then I'd say I would prefer multiple Grammies... if it's just some Best Dance award, no thanks, I'd prefer a commercially successful album
  7. I say we need COADF or ROL style promo.... major performances on major TV shows, in the US and Europe, whatever has good rating. I mean, she performed Frozen on the Lottery Show for chrissake and it worked - first UK #1 in almost a decade at that time
  8. my worry with this Anitta collaboration isn't Madonna's part.... it's Anitta's part that Madonna doesn't really have much influence over.... I mean, sure, she's in charge, but I doubt she'll be writing the Portuguese lyrics and turning this girl into something more than she is
  9. I think it was not realistic to expect M to premiere her new single at a relatively small event without an official live stream/recording... all it would create is disappointment because of the low quality recordings, and without a big rehearsal, band, backup vocals etc I doubt the song would sound like the real official version... fans would be excited with anything, but the rest of the internet would be underwhelmed and the whole era would start on the wrong foot. I'm happy with the speech and the two songs she performed.
  10. I wasn't sure, because to me it sounded too optimistic for first week sales and too low for overall sales
  11. wait, are you talking first week or overall?
  12. Yes, lgbt rights have regressed in many countries, but I believe it's just a temporary setback... it will do some damage for sure, but there's a slow progress around the corner
  13. I totally forgot that Mirwais produced Future Lovers and co-wrote Let it Will Be, I still keep thinking of his sound for Music, so I was worried he'd be stuck with that, now I am even more optimistic about him!
  14. I feel terrible about this, but even this is step in the right direction... the first time they see this, people will vandalize the posters.... the next time they will leave them and complain among themselves, then the next time they won't even notice the posters and they will instead complain about something more advanced.. etc.... and that's how progress usually works. That's why the conservatives are complaining about the posters, because they know things like this make a change for the better and there's not much they can do.
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