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  1. even though it's the weakest song of the bunch, my favorite is Superstar... although I don't see how it's about Lola... it's more like a story of being in love and feeling like a teenager
  2. Fun fact - in one of the Bedtime Stories radio interviews, she referred to him as Craig Sheffer, who was a popular actor at the time
  3. Where did Madonna REHEARSE?

    and about that blond dancer/instructor seen in the GGW rehearsal video, I think in the end they do a full show with her instead of Madonna so M can see how the show looks from the audience's perspective from various spots in the arena.
  4. Where did Madonna REHEARSE?

    and where does she rehearse before the actual stage is made and constructed? When they are still in the first stages of the choreography etc, I assume they need just a big dance studio, not an entire arena
  5. Does M have money off-shore?

    Madonna was just mentioned in the media, alongside Bono.. they are focusing more on the queen because it's unusual that a monarch (and politicians) chose to pay a part of her taxes outside of her own country. Celebs don't have a moral obligation to support their own economy, so I think that's why Madonna and Bono were briefly mentioned.
  6. this is great to see, i love seeing her creative process. But, did she give the idea in the first beginning of the creation of these pieces and is now making small adjustments, or did somebody else do it all on their own, and now she's asking for small changes?
  7. Bootlegs on eBay. OUT. OF. CONTROL.

    I bought this gem in the mid 90's it's a random mix of The Girlie Show and Blond Ambition (Sydney and Nice boradcasts, I think)... I was happy to have the Girlie Show tracks on CD
  8. it's the equivalent of "has soul in the voice" or "doesn't have soul in the voice", all three are subjective opinions that cannot be proven in anyway, so they are thrown around easily
  9. I think at that point she was still "trying out" the touring and how it would affect her and her career/finances... She played it safe and made a bigger step each next time... I am more surprised how short DWT was in comparison to tours nowadays
  10. "You have too much facial hair!"

    I though somebody yelled it to her
  11. the big (X) sign is the only part of the design that I dislike and I don't think it fits the rest of the amazing design, it looks too sci-fi or something... but I like that it looks like a vagina, so I get the message
  12. so many Erotica-themed posts on my Instagram feed today
  13. Favorite M songs produced by Martin Solveig?

    definitely Beautiful Killer... always thought it fits Confessions perfectly, much more than MDNA
  14. the only thing that surprises me that M did it was that it really didn't do anything for her...
  15. Really surprised about this and very happy, as I think it's one of Madonna's most neglected hits, and I thought it had been forgotten.... Not sure why Mdonna skips it on so many tours and it has never appeared on any compilation?