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  1. Looking for arena pics of WTG and Girlie Show

    slightly offtopic, as it's The Girlie Show, but nevertheless interesting
  2. sure, but this new trend of starting with album tracks started much later, in the 80's and 90's it was always a huge hit opening a show, personally I prefer it that way.
  3. But every Madonna tour has an ethnic segment, it's almost an unwritten rule. One ethnic set, one budoir/tango set with M seducing young female dancers, one DJ/fitness set etc... Her tours since DWT have been following the same blueprint.
  4. Sure, the performance had that spoken intro, but I think that starting with an less known album song is not a great idea for any artist, it just makes casual fans feel like they are out of place at the concert. And most of the people at any concert don't really know every song from the album, so a hit is a much better choice to get the party started.
  5. love the name of the tour!
  6. the parents should be sued and pay for the tickets
  7. Nick Jonas: chasing that pink pound

    I have a feeling that he would prefer to be aesthetically perfect, but his genetics are getting in the way.... everyone who puts that much effort wants to look as close to perfect as they can
  8. Nick Jonas: chasing that pink pound

    I dunno, I just think his body parts / muscles aren't proportionally developed that said, I still find him very sexy and attractive
  9. Nick Jonas: chasing that pink pound

    he has big arms, flat chest, a wide waist compared to the chest, and a flat butt paired with relatively strong legs... it's just not proportional for someone who puts so much effort into his physique.. I find him incredibly sexy, but not aesthetically all that in great shape
  10. Nick Jonas: chasing that pink pound

    google Tayte Hanson and then click videos: Tayte Hanson and Justin Matthews Flip F*ck - Scene 1
  11. Nick Jonas: chasing that pink pound

    I find him really attractive but realistically, he dosn't seem to have such good genetics to get a truly amazing body... it's just muscle mass thrown around disproportionally without definition in the right places
  12. Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    yeah, it looks like a simplified version of a spaceship.... it has a spaceship vibe, more than actually looking like a spaceship... and the early 2000s were very space-themed, cyber etc, DWT is great example of that.
  13. Queen Of Uncancelled Shows!

    I remember the Cologne cancellation was a huge deal on the fan forums when it happened, fans were livid
  14. Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    Regarding Madonna, your relationship with her got off to an inauspicious start with her firing you before you went on to design four very successful shows for her. Can you tell us about that? “In 1985, as Madonna was in the early stages of planning her very first tour (the Virgin tour), Howard Rose (Madonna’s agent) and Freddie DeMann (her manager) saw my work on Kim Carnes’ Mistaken Identity tour and brought me in to meet Madonna. After a short meeting, I was hired. I gave her some scenic ideas I thought she might like. She asked me to bring some drawings in to view. I had them assembled and took them to her recording session.” “Remember — this was 1985…rendering wasn’t like it is today. Not being a very good artist myself, I had a rendering artist create the drawings for me to show to Madonna. These illustrated the scenic ideas I had described to her at the meeting. I then went to the recording studio where Madonna was working, and I showed her the drawings. She asked: ‘Okay…but where am I in this scene?’ I responded by pointing to several areas on the drawing. She replied: ‘Yes, but I NEED to see ME in this drawing!’ I reminded her that I’m not the artist. However, she pressed on. So, I took out a pencil and drew a rather basic stick figure that would roughly represent her position and scale in relation to the drawing.” “Of course, she wasn’t at all happy with that and sent me to her manager’s office. Upon arrival at the office, I was informed that I had been fired! So, I had become the first person ever hired for a Madonna tour and shortly thereafter, the first person ever FIRED from a Madonna tour!!! Fortunately I was hired back a year later for her second tour (Who’s That Girl) and continued to work with her on the Blond Ambition, Girlie Show, and Drowned World tours.”
  15. it has that real genuine original Vogue feel to it.... the corset, the Gaultier costumes, the extravagant dancers, the black and white theme.... check check check!!!