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  1. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    about the skincare line, if you want to try something, go with something cheaper first, like the cleanser.... the products are definitely high quality, but if they're not suitable for your skin type, it will be a waste of money.... the cleanser is more likely to be suitable for every skin type, and cleansing is an important step, so it's a good investment.
  2. What were these pics for?

    does M always wear nails this short? They looked really untidy here
  3. What were these pics for?

    not a fan of these, she looks like Courtney Love here
  4. I think they are in the middle of filminig Season 10 right now, Ru mentioned this in the interview posted here
  5. I really hope she does it.... Ru, Michelle and everyone else from the team respects her tremendously, the show has been very supportive of her legacy withe the songs used for the lipsync performances and the Madonna runway looks, and Madonna is a huge part of the LGBT/drag community. And for everyone who says it's beneath her.... she has performed on the Lottery Show in the UK for Chrissake
  6. but judging from Michelle's confused reaction when Madonna is mentioned, I don't think M was there. When the interviewer says to Ru "You didn't deny Madonna" she goes "w-w-what?"
  7. but why would they? they have a totally different concept... did M ever sing as great as Tina? so why would Tina do what M does? I don't see why the comparison has to imply that one is better than the other... if somebody does something similar to M then it's a copy, and if someone does something totally different then it's not okay because this is not how M does it
  8. Even Better Than The Real Thing

    thanks for the heads up... just found it on youtube
  9. A residency? Never thought this would be on the table
  10. EROTICA 25

    my favorite album and era!!!!!
  11. Supposed Singles ?

    HO-LY-FUCK!!! This is brand new information, at least for me Coming from Pat Leonard himself: " At the end the label and Madonna's manager weren't so confident about the song Like a Prayer. They tried hard to talk her out of it as a first single. They lost." Who on earth wouldn't be confident about Like a Prayer?!
  12. Glastonbury 2020 rumours

    2020? Seems too far to plan that far ahead, it's a festival not a trip to Mars
  13. I think the reason why Madonna herself doesn't "care" about her legacy is because she thinks that it would be a sign that her past work has become more important than her current work. She always insists that her new project, whatever it may be, is her favorite and best one yet (I'm paraphrasing) and I've always felt this was just her being overprotective of her current standing in the industry, as opposed to the legendary status that she has, based on her previous work. She must be aware that her biggest songs and albums from the past will always be rated better than her newest work, so I think she's trying to disregard her legacy for as long as she can. I think once she starts taking care of her older works, she might fear that it will be interpreted as a sign that she has "given up" and admitted defeat. Of curse, this isn't what it would mean to the fans or the general public, but I suspect she sees it that way.