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  1. I bet this won’t happen, but if a ticket bundle happens then would be a very good idea to finally release a DUAL DISC album. At least the charts would count it twice.
  2. Lauren Delia is leaving Lisbon. Maybe 4th Session is going to be only Madonna and Mirwais?
  3. Madonna posted again “All’s Well That Ends Well”, I can’t believe DrownedMadonna didn’t confirm that as a song lol
  4. If every session is a demo, we are halfway to the release. I think HT has 7 demos
  5. No. It seems that Madonna only continued with Lauren D’elia. And she’s there in Lisbon as well
  6. would something like this work today? I love it, amazing
  7. Well it’s hard to tell. There are many artists that keep collaborating with new DJs and they are so big on Streaming. It’s hard to think that Madonna’s team would find a way to get her in evidence in this new scenario. Best luck would really have a major deal with Spotify and Apple Music and get the single in every huge playlist out there.
  8. iTunes is over. They’ll end it next year. Number one in ITunes US sells 30k nowadays
  9. I hope there’s a chance of all this incredible women to be part of the next tour
  10. This is beautiful. It’s a catholic song
  11. Ainda em 2017, é impossível não falarmos sobre o assunto, a Madonna apareceu na vida dos portugueses e, especialmente, na tua. Como é que isso aconteceu? Vê lá, nós a falarmos tanto e seria mau eu também não frisar porque ela foi… é daquelas coisas que acontecem na nossa vida e tu não esperas, mas, quando acontece, tu sentes como se estivesse destinado, principalmente pela forma como a conheci. Foi através da melhor amiga dela, uma senhora que é a Vitória, colombiana, que me viu a interpretar Cesária Évora, num concerto de uma amiga minha brasileira que é a Ive, que agora está a viver em
  12. So we can finally say that Madonna was on the studio only with Portuguese musicians for the first time in Portugal! He was on the Eurovision Grand Finale. Something that we were rooting for her to be there lol They have been hanging out for almost one year already. If I’m not sure, he’s on this video Here he talks about her: http://www.impala.pt/famosos/nacionais/exclusivo-dino-dsantiago-fala-sobre-relacao-com-madonna-video/
  13. Madonna is now following the rapper Quavo on Instagram
  14. have you guys seen this picture without this tag? So beautiful!
  15. It’s a very billboard track. I even had the feeling of listening to Inside Out from Britney
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