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  1. So they are probably finishing Beautiful Game with angelical chor in the song
  2. https://instagram.com/anabelenglund Madonna is now following her as well.
  3. Mike Dean was on Rebel Heart as well, I guess only remixing after the leaks?
  4. I was expecting for her not to come again with more rappers and suddenly...
  5. Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas (feat. Madonna) would be a seasonal hit
  6. Anyway, it’s not so bad Next feat. has to be with Drake, as long as Guy makes a contract that the song has to be a single
  7. So it’s #17 on Apple Music. I guess it’s going to be in the Top10 soon. We gonna have to pretend that we liked it
  8. Guys this was the first work of Lauren D’elia and Starrah... I’m out of words
  9. The funny fact is, the song would probably be a hit on streaming markets... without Madonna
  10. Is it she? And is Billboard playing drums? They don’t follow each other on IG. But I love this instrumental
  11. Just to end the thread Madonna x Fascism in Brazil, yesterday happened a huge protest against the fascist candidate and this happened:
  12. Oh that’s beautiful. And I’ve just remember of Sweet Nothing with Florence Welch, which would fit perfectly to Madonna
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