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  1. Forgot that one, edited my post above. "The beginning of Vogue is live, but after the first line of the first verse, it's lip-synced."
  2. I did a thread like this some time ago on Infinity and here are some corrections to make. There are some confusions due to the fact that sometimes, the backing track is really loud. (If I do not say anything about a song, then it means that it was sung live, with or without backing track help). The Virgin Tour, Who's That Girl Tour and Sticky and Sweet Tour were all 100% live! Blond Ambition Tour: -Express Yourself was live during the first few shows, but was then lip-synced. -Now I'm Following You and Vogue were lip-synced, though live vocals can be heard at the end of Vogue during the Barcelona show. The Girlie Show: -Erotica's sung portions were live during the first show, then it was completely lip-synced for the rest of the tour. -Fever was lip-synced during most of the Europe shows, but otherwise was live. -The beginning of Vogue is live, but after the first line of the first verse, it's lip-synced. -Justify My Love is lip-synced for most of the song, but towards the end, it's live. Drowned World Tour: -Sky Fits Heaven is lip-synced. Re-Invention Tour: -Vogue, Nobody Knows Me and Die Another Day were lip-synced during all the shows. -American Life's autotuned and rap sections were lip-synced as well. -Papa Don't Preach and Into the Groove were lip-synced for most of the tour. Into the Groove was sung live once if I'm not mistaken, while Papa Don't Preach was sung live multiple times throughout the tour. Confessions Tour: -Future Lovers/I Feel Love was live during the first show, but was then lip-synced for the rest of the tour. -Sorry was lip-synced except the few bits at the end where it's live. Same for Lucky Star, where it's all playback except the bridge and the final chorus. -During the show at Fresno, Madonna was sick and lip-synced more songs than usual. She lip-synced the songs mentionned above as described, but also lip-synced Music Inferno, Erotica/You Thrill Me, La Isla Bonita and Hung Up (except the final chorus). MDNA Tour: -Girl Gone Wild, Revolver, Hung Up, Give Me All Your Luvin' and Vogue were lip-synced from the beggining to the end during all the shows. -Gang Bang's first lines, as well as the shouting bits at the end, are live, but the rest of the song is lip-synced. -For most of the Express Yourself performances, the choruses and Born This Way part weren't live but the rest was. However, she sometimes lip-synced the song in full as well (except the intro and "1,2,3,4!"). -Most of the I'm Addicted performances were live, however, like Express Yourself, it was sometimes fully lip-synced. -Celebration's verses are live, but the pre-choruses and choruses aren't. The Give It 2 Me bit is live tho. Rebel Heart Tour: -Bitch I'm Madonna was initially sung live, but after a few shows, it was lip-synced except for the shouting parts. -The Vogue rap is lip-synced. -During the gypsy medley, Into the Groove was lip-synced occasionally. Once again, songs that aren't mentionned were sung live, with or without backing vocals assist.
  3. Hi everyone! Hope you don't mind I'm doing a little bit of promo here! My friend Bentley Jones' ninth studio album, Unravelling, was just released yesterday on his website and on all digital retailers! https://open.spotify.com/album/2kWsE296dJNrg8WImlTQRn The lead single from the album, the title track, was also released two weeks ago. Here's the official music video: If you have the time, please listen to the album and share opinions! Thank you! :)
  4. Oops! Haven't understood sorry ^^' Nevermind then!
  5. Curtains

    rate the tours

    yes that's a sure thing.
  6. To me Breathe On Me by Britney beats this. I can't believe it was never released as a single!!!
  7. Curtains

    My debut single, "Melt" is now on iTunes!

    looks interesting. Reminds me of Madonna's MDNA Tour cover. :)
  8. Curtains

    Favorite live performances of La Isla Bonita?

    The Girlie Show version was the best, although I loved the fact that the Rebel Heart Tour took it back to its root! :)
  9. I loved the MDNA version so much! a highlight of the show. Due to this, it gets my vote! :)
  10. My favorite is the Girlie Show tour one, but that one is really good too! :)
  11. Curtains

    The Girlie Show: Iconic

    It's among my TOP 5 favorite tours from her. It's really amazing. I just think I'm Going Bananas, In This Life and The Beast Within could have been replaced with some better songs.
  12. It's her best show ever in my opinion! Cool to see it on the list (even tho it's only #34).
  13. This is what bothers me the most. It's just so noticeable. Why have they done this? The rest really doesn't bother me. I'm sure that the rest of the show will be on the DVD and the use of fake vocals is present since the Confessions Tour so i'm used to it now.
  14. Curtains

    rate the tours

    Re-Invention is too low on some of your lists... Why?