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  1. Living in France, I can say that I'm so scared of what's to come. Macron and Le Pen aren't the ideal candidates, that's for sure, but seeing people hesitate between the two, I mean why?? Le Pen is obvioulsy the bigger danger and must be stopped at all costs. She doesn't support the valors France has, and as such shouldn't be the President of the country. And by the way, she claims herself as patriotic, but if she really was, she would support these valors. If you aren't happy with what the country stands for, then just leave the country, don't try to change it, 'cause a lot of people that are living here stands for it too! I'm proud to be french right now, but if she becames the President, i just won't be as much. She might cause devastating things in France, but also in the whole world if she has the power.
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