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  1. Yes - totally agree - I'm obsessed! Cant stop listening to the live versions now...LOVE!!!!
  2. Love the verses but I completely feel disconnected during the chorus
  3. ahhh i want her to do ellen!!! but happy with fallon...
  4. Exactly. Some people need to get a fucking grip.
  5. Believe it. It won’t affect my support for her. Speaking for myself that is
  6. It’s not an easy listen at first, sounds a little disjointed and her lispy voice takes time to get used to ... BUT, after a few listens, it’s sweet song and I quite like it
  7. It’s actually quite a sweet song. I’ve had it on repeat for the last hour.
  8. Not official of course ... but quite a good video
  9. Nah.... that’s like w generic Template remix ... this is unique:
  10. There is an incredible early demo remix of I Rise by Luke Savant on Soundcloud.... OBSESSED!!!!
  11. British club DJ very well connected
  12. Looks like Jodie Harsh has heard the album
  13. Andy’s in London , so hair makes sense.
  14. The white board in the background ... did it have the name of tracks on it?
  15. You are kiddin right? It’s not the same, unless they altered the original to add extra diamond bits on the bust.
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