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  1. Brazil seems like an amazing country with many great people, but have read before there's so much violence against lgbtq & especially trans woman. Seems like a very open & sexual society, while at same time Catholic & conservative. Just trying to understand a bit better. Anyway, sorry for what happened to her. It's extremely cruel & sad.
  2. Have mixed feeling toward Paglia even though I still respect her outspokenness & harsh critiques on modern culture. Will probably get out a copy out of library when it becomes available. Will purchase it In the future if I choose to own a personal copy. I will definitely not spend money on it if it winds up being a poor/fair book.
  3. Love that Melania reminds me of the very glamorous actresses from the Italiancannibal films of the early eighties. They always had perfect cheekbones, great tits, & nice make-up to make them appear highly sexualized. Lets just hope her hubby doesn't contribute to starting WW3 or something equally as scary......
  4. I can understand if your university doesn't want DM as source information. Just that to outright ban it from college campuses is very disturbing to me.. I've been out of university for a long time, but don't want out of touch university administrators determining what students can or can't read on campus, especially when it comes to political issues.
  5. ^^Uncut and his average was about six inches. He was only twenty three, but in good shape and handsome face. He was a little shy, but still gave good head. Lol From what he told me, Russian and Ukranian lgbtq issues are very controversial and have to be careful about receiving threats or even being physically attacked.
  6. On less serious side of things, just wish more Russian guys were willing to experiment sexually or come out of the closet. Some of them are pretty HOT! I hooked up with a Russian speaking Ukranian and he was very cute.
  7. Wind up with voting for Hilary just because couldn't get myself to vote Trump, Unless the republicans do a major makeover, I will continue voting democratic even as they become more regressive and engaged in politics of resentment. Perhaps, In the near future, l'll register as an independent. I'm definitely not happy with the direction of both parties!
  8. I like Obama as a person and voted for him twice, but just so ready for him to go at this point. He has become too smug and comes across as very laid back on certain pressing issues facing US and the world. I do appreciate the work he has done on several policies that I agree with. Also feel like the snot face media are in love in with him, which partly stems from embracing identity politics and having the same ideology. I'm just really sick of US media and journalists telling people how they need to think and feel about political and social issues. No lies that I'm extremely concerned about next four years and Trump presidency. Just feels like another major military conflict can take place in near future.
  9. I just see much of these scary attacks happening across Europe because of the refugee problem. I knew It was especially going to take place sooner of later in Germany. Seems like Merkel could've handled situation differently while still trying to help the most vulnerable. Hoping that overwhelming majority of innocent refugees who are already in Europe receive assistance while assholes don't take advantage of countries tolerance and generosity.
  10. Very surprised to read that a few people were shot near the Islamic center in Zurich. Don't know what that incident was about, but there's defintely crazy s**t taking place in Europe today. Hope nothing else!
  11. Germany has been very generous to refugees and migrants and now extreme assholes have to kill innocent people and heighten social/political tensions. Very f**ked up, especially during xmas week. RIP.....
  12. I'm very much a history buff of ww1/ww2 and fascist/communist ideology. Agree that it does feel like history is repeating itself in some ways because of the changes in left/right extreme politics, ethnic/religious/social tensions, and repeated terrorist attacks. It's depressing and a big concern, but I'm hoping any bigger world wide conflict can be avoided.
  13. Had a strong feeling the girl was full of shit! There have been several people in news making hate crime stories for attention and the sensational media always assumes any allegation against any minority must be true. These stories take away from when there are real crimes perpetrated against all people, including any designated minority group.
  14. Can't believe Trump met with Kanye️ Doesn't this freak out his fan base? Black social media must be going cray cray.
  15. Just read the Paglia response now. Have to let it sink in because she really was nasty at Madonna, but at same time well known feminists have been notorious for being bitches toward each other.
  16. I really like her interviews and from what I read, some of her thinking on feminism and gay issues/activism! Not so much on almost discarding Madonna after she embraced Kabbalah. Lol Feel like she's a very tough minded woman and has no time for the privileged feminist activists who come from the upper middle classes. She recognizes that they dominate the media, academia, and the arts. She definitely calls out people who embrace victimhood while behaving like big hypocrites.
  17. Terrible to hear another bomb blast in the world even though one was in Turkey yesterday. Rip
  18. Don't know if giraffes are part of bush meat that's smuggled in Africa, but underground bush meat trade still going very strong. Just wonder how global organizations can better help feed people in poor and disadvantaged regions while helping to stop extinction of animals.
  19. My mom had a serious fall during this past summer and was placed in nursing facility for a couple of months. She's finally out now and is ok, but it was very sad being there almost everyday and seeing people in the facility who have advanced dementia and different illnesses. A handful weren't able to eat and shit by themselves or even speak. Like others have already said, it's 2016 and euthanasia should be legalized to help prevent certain patients from unnecessary suffering at the end of their lives. Anyway, happy for the possible change in policy in Victoria. Hope the bill goes through.....
  20. Only time saw giraffes in person was when visiting Bronx zoo. They're really buetiful and peaceful animals.
  21. Not getting why SJW rejects on social media in love with muslims and Islam.
  22. Fatty Michael Moore must be overcome with grief today.
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