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  1. Not surprising and very disturbing! Use to be friendly with cute gay priest who's from Midwest and was a professor in NY. From what I remembrr, he told me church administration was aware of the homos, but it's not openly discussed. Guess like don't ask don't don't tell kinda thing. I also dated a guy who's cousin was a gay priest. He sometimes went out to bars and got laid. At least what he was doing was consensual, and not involving kids. 

  2. 14 minutes ago, ULIZOS said:

    Ann Coulter is the worst, but I'd be pissed off, too, if after having to pay extra, no matter how much, just to be able choose a damn seat I got moved around to accommodate a happy couple that DESPERATELY needs to sit together.

    Sure, she didn't have to call them immigrants, but that's just the beauty and charm of Ann Coulter :lmao:

    Ann Coulter has always been a mean spirited troll out to make money by insulting people. Never took this asshole seriously. lol

  3. There are much more pressing issues facing their state than banning marriage equality. Also, an outright ban won't be as popular as in previous decades. NC is actually becoming much more liberal in some parts & more people are moving in from other cities.

    Let's hope the newer residents & younger voters in state won't tolerate these asshole politicians anymore. 

  4. Have mixed feeling toward Paglia even though I still respect her outspokenness & harsh critiques on modern culture. Will probably get out a copy out of library when it becomes available.

    Will purchase it In the future if I choose to own a personal copy. I will definitely not spend money on it if it winds up  being a poor/fair book.

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