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  1. This is too good to be true!! i need a fan! I'm Burning UP . also if madonna overdubs the Hanky Panky BAT performance with candy shop , I will be simultaneously furious and impressed. Just putting that out into the universe.. .It must infect every tour! !
  2. Lol ! Thankyou !! holy shit! Look at all these other scripts!! I can't wait to read Linda and Monica, the untold story of the relationship between Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky. I hope to god John goodman plays Linda.
  3. Just finished reading it, It's surprisingly pretty good! But needs heavy re-writes. It's certainly much, much better than Innocence Lost! I agree with @lennylu There's so many missed opportunists for showing how vibrant and interesting New York and the art and music scene surrounding Madonna was at the time. They should have people like Keith Haring, Basquiat, etc.. be more present. Also Madonna's visual eye for things isn't really explored enough. She comes across as determined, she has a bunch of witty one liners, she has some vulnerable moments, But they don't show her as an artist and dancer enough. As the script goes on it has a pretty predictable build towards her towering success. It becomes really Jellybean heavy in the second half, And it makes it seem like he played a much large role in the first album than he did in actuality. It's shameful how ignored Stephen Bray is compared to Jellybean, considered how big a role he played in her career. And their relationship continues much further than Jellybean, and I would argue is more interesting. Also Nile Rodges is a barely in any scenes? And now that I think about it Christopher not being in the movie is odd. Like him or not he played a big role in her early career and it would be a way to easily show madonnas family dynamic and history without offsetting the momentum of her story with a horribly cheesy flashback. ( which I'm pleasantly surprised there's no cut to little madonna taking the 5 star hotel in monopoly as a bratty child). Its very focused on a small chunk of time in her life, which is a smart decision and the strongest thing about the script. The best parts are when Madonna is on her own hustling her tapes honestly, the rest of the roles are really under written. I'd be more interested to see Madonna as an artist with ideas and a voice than an opportunistic cold hearted bitch. She had a hand in writing her first album after all. Final verdict, the first half feels like an exciting movie the second half feels very lifetime made for tv with and ending that's basically ripped strait from "What's Love got to do with it". But there's some good stuff to build on in here.
  4. Oh my god this actually sounds kinda awesome and already reads miles better than innocence lost!? It's smart to do a movie during this time period, it's really the only time in madonna's life that makes sense to put on film. Everything else in her life is so well documented and known to the general public. It would just seem like a high budget SNL impersonation. I wonder who could possibly play her, looks wise? Madonna has such a distinctive face and her look is a big part of her appeal. Maybe there are some more unknown Italian American struggling actresses out there? 🙃 Its funny, I always saw Desperatelty seeking Susan as the unofficial 'early New York' madonna biopic. I just want to believe that she blow dried her arm pits in a public bathroom for real! if it's not based on truth, they should add it anyway. Print the legend. @TXIII can you send me a copy? PM me please !
  5. New posting here, but I lurk around pretty often. I love this forum and you guys! And this awesome tour footage has inspired me to post. I can not stop watching it on the showtime app, I think i've re watched it at least 6 times today. Everything looks so great!!, no pixals on widescreen and she looks and sounds fantastic. Finally she releases something that actually looks close to Blu-ray quality! Death to Pixeldonna! May Blu-raydonna's reign be long and permanent! Some stray observations / ruminations, possibly reductive. - She looks stunning, the instagrammy filters that simulate film grain actually doesn't look terrible like they did on the MDNA tour! Tastefuldonna! - Lack of LDLH or Take a Bow is kinda a bummer, but the way it's edited makes it seem like they just fast forwarded through pre-existing footage, so.. hopefully it'll be back on Dvd! -Crafty camera angles make certain songs perform a lot better in my opinion, ex- above view shot during devil pray of her on table, Close ups during S.E.X. (still kinda boring interlude though..) - The crane shot zooming in during Living for love is everything!!! Also Aya and Bambi give great face. Favorite Madonna trio lineup since Nicki and Donna? - I think these are the best dancers she's had since Confessions tour, or at least best looking! - Is Confessions Madonna's "last best thing"? , Like people used to say of Bowie's "Scary monsters" album? I'd say rebel heart challenges it but, food for thought.. - When she jumps up and down and raises her hand for Idres Elba's banana in glee, still cracks me the fuck up. She's so hungry for his banana.. - The Bass in Deeper and Deeper made my pelvic floor drop. -Madonna can not tell a one liner / setup, punchline joke to save her life but her refusal to give up trying is awe inspiring. And she's hilarious when she's giving off the cuff shade - " I"m almost shedding a tear right now ... thinking about the 3rd possible failure..." NOT. - Jake Dennis can have my body and sing me a song- in my bed. - I predict Candy Shop will continue to grow on me until it completes its transition from worst to greatest Madonna song of all time during her 2040 Blonde Annihilation world tour Okay, I'm gonna get back to re watching ... This Tour is so much FUN! I NEVER WANT THIS ERA TO END!!!