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  1. are you kidding me? what are you reading? i said "i hate gaga"? i said literally "i am not her fan". i gave an example of artists i don't care, which doesn't includes gaga.
  2. and you still dont get why i said. oh well... "i am not her fan" doesn't mean "i don't like her/her music". At least, in spanish, those words doesn't mean the same. You can listen her music without being her fan.
  3. i said i am not her fan, that doesn't mean i hate her or i don't enjoy her stuff like beyonce-mariah-jane, etc.. If you hate so much someone, why do you waste such energy to drag her? that's what i don't understand of it.
  4. it's not the first time i talk about this thing. i said it before when someone started insulting gaga for some reason that i don't remember. i came here and saw all those comments and decided to say that. now i'm surprised with the reactions. i thought you were more mature but i was wrong... and then we get angry when someone insult madge?
  5. i didn't start today. i'm not insulting anyone. Its a fact that some of you are full of hate.
  6. you are the perfect example of what i am saying. an asshole who can't deal when other tell him how stupid is.
  7. and what is the problem with that? we're not her fans. I don't like beyonce, i don't follow her on social media, i don't check her news, i don't listen her music, she doesn't exist to me. Same with mariah, janet, and others...When you don't like someone, you ignore him/her. At least, that's for me.
  8. I am not her fan and sometimes i get mad as hell with some of her nasty fans, but guys, you are all OBSESSED with her. Literally. it's sick. it's fun a little shade or fanbases' war on social media but everytime i open a thread, some of you are talking about her and comparing her stuff and calling her ugly and all that bullshit. How old are you? 12? grow up people! 40 pages for an artist that you hate to death? Didn't you learn something when madonna asked you to stop talking bad about other people? 80% of you are like 40 or late 30 for god shake!
  9. Madonna working on a new album in 1957?

    and radio payola.
  10. i've been slayed by Beautiful Scars right now (as always when i listen to it). Love that song. it deserved to be on the deluxe version. it's mature, it's catchy, it has amazing lyrics, melody and production. everything is 10/10.
  11. Madonna Instagram thread

    Katy liked this on twitter.
  12. Madonna songs that finally CLICK.

    get together, gang bang and impressive instant for me...
  13. Like A Prayer is available everywhere now guys! we won!
  14. Katy Perry thread

    she was recording a video last friday. Apparently it's for Goddess