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  1. it's a grower but the structure is really weird and that makes it really difficult to like at the first listen. That's a problem for a single that is supposed to attract people to listen the album later.
  2. the song got the attention for sure but the reactions on twitter are not really good. This will have a big fall tomorrow. I hope the second single is more commercial
  3. that was... a choice. Maybe it's a grower but it's a NO for me now.
  4. well...there are people that are listening to it right now
  5. If there isn't a dvd included on those editions, then Madame X is not a visual album as we thought
  6. To clarify the things, especially to @Crystal Coffin -I'm not judging the music because i didn't listen to it. -it's my opinion, not yours. I have the right to say that i don't like it. It that ok @Nikki? -I LOVE Mirwais. I never complained about him. -i'm not going anywere. So don't waste your time telling me or telling another person who doesn't like it to go out/fuck off or things like that. Learn to deal with other opinions.
  7. Sorry but that is her worst cover. It looks like those awful blurry pictures she posts on instagram. And wait till that back cover where she is grabbing her pussy sees the light. A nightmare, literally a nightmare
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