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  1. Madonna working on a new album in 1957?

    and radio payola.
  2. i've been slayed by Beautiful Scars right now (as always when i listen to it). Love that song. it deserved to be on the deluxe version. it's mature, it's catchy, it has amazing lyrics, melody and production. everything is 10/10.
  3. Madonna Instagram thread

    Katy liked this on twitter.
  4. Madonna songs that finally CLICK.

    get together, gang bang and impressive instant for me...
  5. Like A Prayer is available everywhere now guys! we won!
  6. Naomi Campbell? I think she was at her home in London 1 or 2 years ago.
  7. no, she's just Wendy. but... did she really call her stupid?
  8. Madonna Instagram thread

    she is following Emma Roberts on instagram. Protagonist confirmed
  9. Madonna working on a new album in 1957?

    I see lies there (if you are talking about demo 3 ) they need to make a deal with SPOTIFY. Put her song on the main playlist (Today's Top Hits) and an advertising for free subscribers. I'm still listening and seeing Starboy ad 6 months later. Same with youtube. 6 seconds of advertising. and payola with radios of course. At least for the first single.
  10. take it easy. That doesn't affect exclusively to Madonna. It happens even with Katy Perry. Producers like Max Martin put their best on top artists who can give them awards, hits and money and then give their most basic productions to the rest. It's business. The same happends with discographies. They invest a lot on young and new artists.
  11. and that's why she needs to work with new and few people. Patrick Leonard can be one of them. An unknown producer can be more open to work with her. We all know that when they get famous, they want to work only with young artists. So, forget about well known producers.
  12. Madonna working on a new album in 1957?

    so what? BIM isn't generic but i find it tragic. I do not want that Madonna again. Did you know that producers always give their best works to young top chart artists? The same happend with hard candy. That was one a point made by the critics. Nobody of them were at her peak artistically. I love HC (that album made me a fan) but you compare that with The 20/20 experience and it's a big WTF.
  13. Madonna working on a new album in 1957?

    Absolutely right. Look at Diplo: Lean On, Cold Water, Light it up. Then he gives to Madonna: BIM, VVV and Best Night... (i love vvv, don't get me wrong but it's not a highlight, smash or single worthy) Didn't Daft Punk reject her once?