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  1. i'm not a cunt and i don't like his productions. Any problem with that? deal with it. THIS IS ME EVERYDAY UNTIL SHE RELEASES NEW MUSIC
  2. the real question is "why did she give WAOM and Illuminati to Kanye? or Why Kanye?" lol WAOM was a pop masterpiece. The only thing that she had to do was clean the EDM and made it more classic pop. But again, Kanye...
  3. Tove Lo talks about Madonna: Tove says Madonna broke down barriers to allow female artists to express their sexuality, but says attitudes have barely evolved since the 1980s. "Madonna paved the way - she did all this hard work for us," she says. "She took so many hits for girls in pop music. "I feel we're back there again." Let me listen her amazing album once again
  4. I think she wanted to do something like The 20/20 Experience. Part 1 and the Part 2 later. But with the leaks out there, she had to release all the songs together.
  5. Interesting. This must be one of those demos that William said she rejected .
  6. I don't know but maybe because she bought some Evita's jewelry when she was here.
  7. I was obsessed with this song in 2015. And as I said a couple days ago. The melody and lyrics are amazing. She should have performed it with a piano anda gospel. But i think it could have been even more great if they'd wrote a chorus (and a better mix) because sometimes it seems like a remix of the original song. That was my first impression when i hearded it. The demo 2 is great too
  8. LMAOOO. I LOVE her laugh
  9. thank god she changed her profile picture!
  10. I'm obsessed with this lately.
  11. wish she works with him again. Nothing Fails is a masterpiece.
  12. that's a famous tv show in Spain and Argentina too. "Tu cara me suena". I remember when some actresses from here (Argentina) performed Hung Up, Like A Prayer, Ray Of Light, Vogue (S&S version), Material Girl. Here's one of them