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  1. caba1

    New Album Means New Tour

    I NEED a comeback of these songs: Sorry Hollywood Die Another Day 4 Minutes Don't Tell Me Beautiful Stranger Everybody Express Yourself Papa Don't Preach (she did it on MDNA but that was just a few seconds. Maybe she doesnt like the lyrics. Who knows)
  2. she better sing Sorry, Beautiful Stranger and Hollywood on the next tour
  3. caba1

    New Album Means New Tour

    She is going to do a tour on small venues. I can see it. The fact that they put that pic of TOAC. That wasn't random... they knew what they were doing
  4. caba1

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    Sticky & Sweet i voted for mdna tho. despite i hate the setlist
  5. she should have film this tour with 360° technologies. Can you image how amazing would be to see her tour like if you were there?
  6. caba1

    NASA discovers new solar system

    the real question is "are they good or bad?" That's scary. How would they react to us? or us to them? ugh. I'd wish to be immortal to see these things.