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  1. +1 I hope lessons are learned. It does seem that with the current set up, promotion falls to them. She could hire an independent team to promote a project though, if she so wished. It seemed like promotion wasn't a top priority for the last two albums, RH especially. I hope this one is different & I hope she takes full advantage of the Jubilee. On the subject of Glastonbury, I think they said they wouldn't want her there back before they started inviting Pop & Rap acts onto the main stage. It's a very different festival now to what it once was. I don't think it would hurt for her to do it if they asked. She may take a bashing from the usual Tabloids but she gets that regardless of what she does, it's like some kind of tradition. At the end of the day, things like Glastonbury, Eurovision, Chat Shows, Award Shows etc... They all keep people talking & that is promo. One thing I do hope for is that her people come up with a creative (but not tacky) way of us helping to promote the album/tour. Because one thing I don't see is promotion from our end on the level that other fanbases do it.
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