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  1. I just love that even Republicans are like, "Donald, just shh. You're embarrassing yourself."
  2. I think so too. He doesn’t even need PA to win at this point. Come on, Joe and Kamala!
  3. If Trump wins, I will finally lose my faith in democracy, America, and humanity.
  4. It seemed like we got quite a bit this era. Three album covers + booklets, multiple colored vinyls, different cassette (!!!!) pressings, a box set that included a 7" single, and a RSD exclusive 12" of I Rise. I was in heaven as far as different versions of the albums!
  5. Great countdown! Thank you, @Curtains! I enjoyed voting and reading the results.
  6. BRAVO. I agree wholeheartedly. The album sounds even better and more relevant a year later!
  7. 15 flawless songs. The album flow is impeccable.
  8. I cannot believe she gave us this experimental, political masterpiece nearly FORTY YEARS into her career. The sounds, the languages, the lyrical content, the aesthetics, the music videos, the tour. It was all so...artistic and genuine. Whew! We don’t deserve her. TOP SHELF MADONNA. Don’t forget the gifts we received this era: 19 new songs 6 music videos 3 album covers Pressed on cassette (multiple versions)! Metacritic of 70 Socially-conscious material Brunette hair finally Box set Limited colored vinyls A mini documentary A universally acclaimed tour Performed 75 shows Pop up shop An upcoming concert film in Lisbon Album appeared on multiple year-end “best of” lists An engaging social media presence Amazing/limited merch Intricate VIP book Gorgeous tour book Attained her ninth #1 album Extended record-breaking dance #1 hits Pride 50 performance Stonewall appearance Billboard Awards performance GLAAD speech/honorary award British Vogue shoot/cover Madame X Sirius Radio BLESSED!
  9. This song means more and more as time goes on and inequality reveals itself over and over.
  10. When he asks if she knows what she means to people. THE TEARS.
  11. 1. Killers Who Are Partying 2. Extreme Occident 3. God Control 4. I Don't Search I Find 5. Batuka
  12. Maluma and Madonna have the exact same amount of vocals on the song. It’s a true duet. They each get a verse, blend their vocals on the pre-chorus, and then share the chorus.
  13. Still loving this. One of the most experimental songs in her catalog.
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