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  1. It's not about being a victim, everything she does for the last 10 years is embarrassing and ruining her legacy, reputation and her artistry. Ofc people don't respect her and don't think highly of her anymore, she's not on their minds like she is on ours. She's not treated like a legend because she has terrible team who let's her act like a total fool on social media and when she's giving speeches in public about bjs and bombing white house, or when she's flashing her tits in public. Look at Beyonce, her team is always hyping her like she's the biggest thing ever (despite her not so impressive sales and stats throughout her career). Her name is always clean in public because her team does the great work, imagine if that elevator incident happened to Madonna, or if Madonna was caught faking her pregnancy. Buy Beyonce got away with it because she has great publicist, because she's smart enough to keep her mouth closed and she is presenting herself to GP as a queen with high class. Madonna is doing EVERYTHING opposite. You stans may pretend that you like it and scream 'yaaas queen', but deep down you know that she acts like total fool and she looks like even bigger fool in public and it's not doing her any favor. Before you use her past backlashes against me let me remind you that in the past she always had receipts to back her up no matter how hard public hated her, she either had global success or acclaim with her work. She has nothing now, she's vulnerable, and i doubt that most people even look at her as a legend (people on the internet sure doesn't), they see her like a fad from 80s because she's done it to herself. She went from being on top of the world (2008) to being total jerk in every way.
  2. The Youtube crusade thread

    No, you're wrong. Here's other version At the end of January its views jumped to even 360k per day and suddenly views collapsed and they fell to 100k now...
  3. The Youtube crusade thread

    I noticed now that both MadonnaVevo and Madonna have same profile pic, but no merging at the moment.
  4. Rank the BA tours

    Oh god i actually haven't noticed some mistakes in Japan and Barcelona shows until i read few topic here, now I can't unsee that poor girl hurting her leg at the beginning of EY and doing whole section in pain or that thing around her neck getting into her mic in Barcelona shoot and her being pissed :D
  5. What went wrong in the UK?

    Radio1 stopped playing her music and playlisting new music. Even Celebration spent 2 weeks at #1 Radio Chart thanks to Radio1 support. LFL never made it to top 50, and Masterpiece and Ghosttown peaked in top 30 thanks to Radio2, but Radio2 listeners are not buying singles or Madonna albums. Radio2 played Joan of Arc, Messiah and Rebel Heart couple of times, if they released one of those songs there album would've sold a lot more since Ghosttown actually stabilized it during its run.
  6. I can't pick one Music is probably the best, it's so amazing, i love to look at it. I just wish it had lyrics ROL is beautiful, everything about it is perfect COADF is amazing and epic-ly done but i just wish it had lyrics Same goes for RH deluxe, beautiful booklet. Erotica woulv'e been higher on my list if booklet was regular like book, not that fold out. Same goes for BS GHV2 could've been better without million of those little pics The worst are American Life, Hard candy and Celebration. I can't really comment on first 3 because it was different time, but they have lyrics so that alone puts them above AL, HC and C.
  7. I know this is probably not the place to ask this but I can't open new thread and i registered here to get your help so... I accidentally bought this on ebay (brand new) and I don't want it, what should i do?