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  1. is this madonna with elvis??

    It's a real photo - it's just not Madonna.
  2. I don't think this conversation needs to be messy. It's an observation and if we can remember to be nice in the process and not take these comments personal, it could make for a fine conversation.
  3. I second this. I am pretty sure it was the Grammys 2004. I mean she looked so fantastic during American Life as well (2003) but 2001 and 2002 were rough. So maybe 2003?
  4. Madonna Beverly Hills House Tour

    She bought this from Sela Ward in 2003.
  5. Madonna Beverly Hills House Tour

    To be fair, she was married to Guy Ritchie at the time. I don't imagine this is how she had it decorated but I do think she had her home featured in one of the home interior magazines at the time.
  6. Madonna Beverly Hills House Tour

    This is the house she bought in 2003. The house once belonged to Sela Ward and is located on 9425 Sunset Blvd., Beverly Hills. Madonna eventually listed the home for sale in January 2013 and officially closed on the house in October 2013 for $20 million.
  7. New lot on gottahaverockandroll.com

    @Plasticlimbo This is not the front cover. It's the back cover turned around. Notice the serial number of the book at the bottom is backwards.
  8. The horse accident in 2005...

    Remember it happened a second time in 2009 but was not serious.
  9. Madonna RARE

    This too looks fake. Borderline was released in the U.S. in February 1984. This photo shoot of Madonna had not happen yet as it was for the Like a Virgin album. Nice work though.
  10. Madonna RARE

    Someone put a lot of work into this - but this is a NO!
  11. Madonna RARE

    That's not Madonna nor whoever that woman was in that link. http://www.modelmayhem.com/queenjojo
  12. Fox honoring Madonna

    It was the local Fox station in NYC. Also, they honored Kellyanne Conway so this is by no means an "honor."
  13. Where was it mentioned she owned these photographs? I love all this information. Thanks in advance.