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  1. She's going to serve the looks this era, isn't she?!
  2. 5 years. We have been very patient, mother. Give us some news dammit!
  3. The fact that she might be giving us a dark album makes me more excited about Mirwais being on board!
  4. Those few seconds of "beautiful game" (or whatever it may end up being called) really had an impact on me. There's something dark and urgent about it, and it's very catchy!
  5. I'm always mega excited when Madonna starts teasing new music, and I prepare to be slayed although that doesn't always happen to full effect, but this time it feels different. It feels like Madonna''s about to have one of those moments of her career... LAP, Ray of Light, Confessions... something earth-shifting. Am I just dreaming???
  6. I believe that despite the poor sales, RH really reached her fans in a big way and have helped the tour a lot. I remember a lot of fans complaining about her including songs from MDNA in the last tour and nobody even really knew the lyrics, whereas with RH i'm sure every fan there knows them!
  7. Where do you guys find this stuff?
  8. M, please give us a Rebel Heart video and add an Avicci version on the single. Swear to God, it's all I ever wanted from you!
  9. Yass, release that shit for Christmas and let her dominate the i-Tunes charts once more
  10. 1. Confessions on a Dance Floor 2. Ray of Light 3. Music 4. Rebel Heart 5. American Life 6. Erotica 7. Like a Prayer 8. MDNA 9. Bedtime Stories 10. True Blue 11. Hard Candy 12. Like a Virgin 13. Madonna
  11. Wash All Over Me is such a grower, it would have made a great single and released as above, critics would have called it her best song in a decade.
  12. It's so annoying, especially because it's such a good song!
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