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  1. All of the reviews thusfar seem to be good, this album seems to have the best reviews since Confessions.
  2. Causing a Commotion, Take a Bow, Rain, Gambler would all be on my wishlist.
  3. I loved Mary Lambert's videos, I wish she'd work with her again. She always used light in a way that made Madonna's face illuminate like a Caravaggio painting in both Borderline, and Like Prayer.
  4. Whoever he is he is fine. I have to as much as I love Madonna, she usually has awful taste in men, or they just look very average at best.
  5. I hope she does some old school songs without messing them up with weird mixes, at least give us some Causing a Commotion and Take a Bow.
  6. I would like a ballad so I vote for Ghosttown and I would love to see the video TBH.
  7. I can't wait to see the videos, I hope she actually does more than three videos for this album. Most of the songs are at least good, but I'd love to see her make an iconic video. She should work with Mary Lambert, for some reason she seemed to have a great use of light that made M's face glow in both Borderline and Like a Prayer.
  8. I think it would be fun if Madonna took some hasbeen out of the woodwork to do a duet with, like George Michael or Boy George. On the other hand she would sound really good with a talent like Annie Lennox.
  9. This is just like Dynasty, Madonna is Alexis trying to woo Blake Carrington (Sean Penn) away from Krystle (Charlize),
  10. I've never disliked any Madonna album, and I know very few will agree with me, but the album I liked the least was probably Ray of Light. I thought it was ok and have only listened to it in its entirety a few times. On the other hand, I've been listening to both Bedtime Stories and the Who's That Girl Soundtrack Madonna tracks for 20 years at least once a week and most fans think that's a week album. True Blue is probably my favourite though, followed by the first album and Like a Virgin. So my tastes are odd compared to most fans.
  11. It's probably just her being humorous, Cher is like that cantankerous old great-aunt everybody has that says inappropriate things once in a while.
  12. I have to say when Justify My Love and later the Sex Book came out in the early 90s was the best. I remember in the 1991 yearbook I listed Madonna as my favourite singer and everyone else had Mariah Carey or Wilson Philips or some other crap like that. It was almost scandalous to say you were a fan of hers, and I loved it.
  13. To me this is one of my favourite Madonna concerts, it captures her raw emotion as a performer and stage presence without needing any gimmicks. Imagine Lady Caca trying that, I sure can't.
  14. I really like Hold Tight, and I hope it makes the cut. Back That Up sounds too Hard Candyish for my liking. Iconic, Graffiti Heart, Freedom, God is Love, Holy Water, Veni Vidi Vici are other songs that don't seem that strong.
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