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  1. I hope an official album statement is coming soon from Madonna's camp. Didn't she promise like 3 months ago, under that "messiah" Instagram post "coming soon"
  2. Oh? It was labeled today's date. She looks great! Wonder where she's headed?
  3. I'm with ya on this!What's with the big secret? We already know music is coming. Just give us a date so we can go nuts!!!
  4. Ya, your probably right. I Just find it strange that they're both dressed up like 2 mannequins in that last post on Nicki's instagram. I had to do a double take when I saw Madonna's face.
  5. Hmm. She looks like she's all dressed up for a shoot or video.Someone over on tribe this afternoon mentioned he passed Guy Oseary on his street. He says there was a lot of buzz at her place this afternoon.
  6. Not that I've noticed in past seasons. Its only week 3 and shes been played twice, and just before simon Cowell's critiques.
  7. Interesting, I've been watching X factor (uk) this season and they've already played "hung up" twice. Each time for almost a minute.
  8. Ya, your probably right. Lol I'm just confused with her recent MJ obsession.
  9. Judging from her excessive MJ posts lately on instagram makes me wonder if she's giving us a clue. Perhaps she's sampling an old MJ song on her new album. What do you guys think?
  10. ^ it's shocking to me that Billboard doesnt consider Madonna a dance legend, like come on. ^
  11. This makes no sense to me for her to do that unless she wanted us to look again. It's basically the same picture as last week. She could have posted a pic from last night when she looked incredible.
  12. Strange. We saw this picture of her already last week on Instagram. Not sure why she's recycling pix from last week. Perhaps it's all from a day they were shooting a music video. Pharrell's hat, Versace chains. What's really going on here?
  13. Katy perry just tweeted "huge announcement tomorrow" https://twitter.com/katyperry/status/478737971684732929
  14. Like someone mentioned already...It could still be Janet or just pure coincidence that she's mixed with that Billboard track back in February http://www.mixcloud.com/FreeLivesets/sander-kleinenberg-live-at-beta-nightclub-denver-15-feb-2014/ Also, why would Madonna's camp even bother squashing any of these billboard rumors when its free publicity right in sync with her new album fast approaching.
  15. "Get a life" a little harsh don't you think? Sorry you missed my sense of humor. I didnt realize my personality was being scrutinized. I will be more sensitive with my future posts here.
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