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  1. Why is her new single such a big secret sheesh
  2. Perhaps Madame is just a decoy album title like she used back with hard candy. I’m sure she will go with an English album title.
  3. Beautiful, she’s definitely going to repost this! Cant wait
  4. This still sounds apple related, just sayin.
  5. Thank god this is not the real list and just her decoy track list. (Minus Indian summer), Madonna does nothing by mistake.
  6. It looks like it’s spring break for her and her family. see ya next month
  7. Any connection here ... i know it’s a stretch but I’m so desperate for something lol
  8. She actually didn’t say “music” video. It could just be a video for MDNA skin, just sayin.
  9. Album is done but she’s still in the studio? I’m not following!?
  10. Where are the people that got to preview the album?!?! Why are they still quiet about what they heard.
  11. Thank you! Wonder why she’s not teasing us with actual snippets from her new album. Sheesh.
  12. So that song playing at the beginning of that insta video is a popular Portuguese song?
  13. Is there a chance of a Grammy surprise performance? She’s just so close to releasing something.
  14. Pink just announced on Ellen that her single comes out next week and album in April. We must be next!
  15. I’m speechless! This performance is absolutely perfection and if she sung it live it would have been off the charts!
  16. On the right side above her ear I see black hair under that blonde wig. I’m sure their all wigs. Tour or video preparation.
  17. Sounds like we’re getting a naughty first single/video. Yaassss!
  18. Well those confessions tour “music” clips have over 1.5 million views on her instagram. Looks like she’s on to something, and tuning into what her magic is. This is the Madonna everyone wants.
  19. Well they didn’t delete this story because of Madonna. I mean the whole world knows that she’s been working on her record for the last year. #soon
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