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  1. I miss that place! I thought it was closing down. Glad to hear its still going strong! I just wish Toronto radio stations would start playing "living for Love"
  2. And over in the UK is a different story.... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2953948/Get-goove-Radio-1-bans-Madonna-56-irrelevant-old-teenage-listeners.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490
  3. I can't even count how many times a day I sing that first verse ... "first you love me and I let you in, made feel like I was born again"
  4. Canada has yet to play "living for love". ChumFM Is still refusing to play it. It's almost as if they've been paid not to play it.
  5. This has to be her! What do you guys think?
  6. I guess I'm the only one that thinks "addicted" should be a single. Sounds perfect for the radio to me. Not to mention it samples an old pop radio song "California dreamin" that everyone loves. This song makes me want to move, it screams classic M.
  7. ...Madonna's "living for love" unimpressive impact to radio... http://headlineplanet.com/home/2015/02/11/madonnas-living-love-makes-weak-impact-pop-radio/
  8. Perhaps she should have led with a feature artist for the first single. (As much as we all hate that idea )
  9. "Heartbreak city" is perfect now! Plz don't ask to have to choir removed. I love the industrial feel of it.
  10. I just order the Super Deluxe from http://wowhd.co.uk/CD/madonna-rebel-heart-super-deluxe-edition/dp/40812455#bc=b3a1 Is this a trusted website? I don't understand why it's soo cheap?!
  11. Why the shade towards Annie Lennox. ? Didn't she ask Madonna for her vocals on a track of hers called "sing"?
  12. The super deluxe is nearly double the album price, Yikes! Just to have 6 additional tracks, 2 of which are remixes of living for love.
  13. Very True. I'm not giving up on this beautiful track. I see what you mean about the progression into the marching drums.
  14. This album is ridiculously good. US fans are getting completely spoiled this time around. I love all the finished tweaked demos. Can't stop listening to "vvv" "s.e.x" "messiah". I'm having a hard time with "waom" I think it's brilliant how they stripped it down, however ...what instrument is making that strange muffled train track sound @ the 45 second mark? It's distracting. I'm hoping someone can explain it or the the use of it and why it's there so I can start appreciating that section of the track.
  15. Amazing video. Where can I actually download this? (if it's allowed) thank you!
  16. This is disgusting .... https://www.change.org/p/madonna-at-the-grammys-please-trash-madonna-at-the-grammys-on-social-media-and-praise-lady-gaga-and-tony-bennett
  17. "I could get caught up in bitterness But I'm not dwelling on this crazy mess I found freedom in the ugly truth I deserve the best and it's not you"
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