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  1. She made really good songs with Avicii, it's a shame none of them will be a single, it's like Orbit songs on MDNA.
  2. Living for love Devil Pray Rebel Heart Inside Out Unapologetic Bitch The last spot changes every month, sometimes it's Heartbreak city or Wash All Over Me or Addicted.
  3. Both of them are beautiful haunting tracks but Queen may be too direct (just like Two Steps Behind Me) and Heaven is too dark, she may have thought r¿that Inside Out, Heartbreak city and Wash All Over Me were enough dark songs for just one album.
  4. It's true, "who's Beck?" was a trending topic that night, I have to admit I didn't know him I don't live in US though so I don't know if he's popular there or not.
  5. There are so many songs to choose but since Avicii co-wrote several songs in the album I would choose one of them, Devil Pray or Rebel Heart are the best IMO, but Devil Pray may be too "punch in the face" to the GP.
  6. Ghosttown because of the colors, her look and the tango but I love them all, it's her best video era since Music.
  7. I like the video, it's very well done, yes the cameos look kind of random but the whole video is full of random things, no complains.
  8. I hope you are all being sarcastic because you can't judge a whole video by a 15 sec teaser, plus the first teaser had some interesting elements.
  9. I can't believe they didn't release the video at midnight! BIM won't enter the Hot 100 now.
  10. LOL I could believe that, radio clean versions can be so stupid I'm very excited! and I agree this is already the best video era since Music.
  11. LOL This doesn't get old, everyone of them has made me laugh, good bad job!
  12. Finally after all these years Dear Jessie will be available worldwide, here's the new single cover:
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