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  1. OMG! I'm dying.! Depeche Mode, Madonna and A-ha are my favorite music acts. I love Where's the Revolution. The lyrics are so on point and at the same time timeless as they could have been written 30 years ago and still fit. Society has not changed as much as we thought and we're facing the sad truth at the moment. I love the "train is coming" breakdown and the crescendo of the song. Indeed it's a grower, at first listen I thought it was just OK but now in my 12th listen I'm really proud of them. Best lead single since Precious.
  2. Macromad

    Say goodbye to the Rebel Heart Tour

    It's sad to say goodbye to such a beautiful and exciting tour but Madonna needs a little break after a very busy year. Rebel Heart era has been very intense and full of strong emotions: the leaks, the amazing grammy performance, the fall at the brits, the best promo since Confessions era, Rocco's custody fight, the amazing tour, Tears of a clown concert. I can't believe the era is almost over, I am looking forward to the DVD.
  3. MDNA was the first time I saw Madonna live and the visuals and choreography were very impressive but Rebel Heart was more intimate, the setlist was amazing and Madonna's connection with the public was stronger. My vote goes to Rebel Heart.
  4. Wow! Take a bow! I can't believe it, that's so great. I've never understood why she never sang it again since BS era.
  5. She made really good songs with Avicii, it's a shame none of them will be a single, it's like Orbit songs on MDNA.
  6. Macromad

    Vancouver - Oct 14 - Rogers Arena

    OMG don't say that, I'm literally travelling thousands of kilometers to see her at Glendale next week, if she cancels or something I would die.
  7. Macromad

    Boston September 26

    How many times did she skip Who's That Girl? I hope she keeps it in Glendale too.
  8. I love the Liek A virgin performance, it's like Nobody Knows Me in RIT, just Madonna proving she can fill a stage by herself.
  9. The shows feels more intimate and happier than MDNA, the connection with the public will be better and the setlist works really well. I love the versatility of the show, probably her most varied show since Drowned World Tour.
  10. Guys, I've been watching bad quality videos on youtube but I'm blown up! the setlist is great, especially for older fans, the Rebel Heart songs were well chosen, the outfits are gorgeous (best ever IMO), the stage is entertaining, the HD screens are impressive, her face and body look beautiful. I can't wait for Glensdale to see her. My only complain is that some songs could have had more choreo.
  11. The next 36 hours will be sooooo long, full of anxiety, denial, meltdowns and overexcitement.
  12. Macromad

    Mexico Rebel Heart Tour

    Well, the bad experience everybody had. I know it was a nightmare and I really would like her to go again to Chile. Do you think people would go this time?
  13. Macromad

    Mexico Rebel Heart Tour

    I don't think they even consiered skipping Latin America, that would be stupid, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil were HUGE moneymakers last time with some of the biggest crowds of the tour (she will probably skip Chile though after the bad experience she had).
  14. Living for love Devil Pray Rebel Heart Inside Out Unapologetic Bitch The last spot changes every month, sometimes it's Heartbreak city or Wash All Over Me or Addicted.