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  1. A #1 iTunes smash and performed on TV! It'll probably be on the tour too. Doesn't need to be a single really, it's already done so well lol.
  2. Let's be real, the SUPER DELUXE EDITION is where it's at. Fuck the custom track lists, the bickering about what made it onto the "standard" (aka the cheaper version for moms to consume who were teenagers in the 80's), and just listen to the 23 track masterpiece. Add a dash of Autotune Baby and Queen to round it off to a nice 25. Easy recipe honestly.
  3. So funny that people are still going on about this.
  4. It wasn't just wasn't meant to be. Plus Living for Love was meant to be the first single on Valanetines Day since the beginning. It wouldn't have been a hit because it wouldn't have been a single. Great song tho, the melody shines in any form it takes. Glad she went with a more stripped version for the album.
  5. Bitch I'm Madonna will go down in history as the Madonna single in the hot 100 at the time of gay marriage equality! Amazing. Legendary.
  6. Lmao. Reminds me of someone but I won't say who. Hey this is actually sounds pretty fucking great! It'd be really fun to start off the show with BIM.
  7. It'd be so fun if either S.E.X. Or Holy Water were singles.
  8. The girl on the far right before it pans to Diplo kinda looks like she has Madonna 1985 hair!
  9. Yeah, saying it's for little kids and comparing it to a Justin Bieber video isn't shade at all lmao.
  10. Yeah I've heard it and it's great. I could ask you the same question, have you even tried listening to it some more? Poor Moan of Arcers!
  11. Well I think Madonna having fun in a music video about having fun would make total sense to most people...
  12. This isn't Deeper and Deeper. This is Bitch, I'm Madonna. Get with the program x
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