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  1. Push is one of the best songs of ALL TIME! I also love how she would straight up say it was NOT about Guy lmao.
  2. Not sure I get the point of threads like this. I feel like MDNA was the only album she could have made at the time, and it opened the door for Rebel Heart to exist. If you think MDNA is generic compared to Rebel Heart then cool, but a whole thread dedicated to it? Really?
  3. Listen to Bitch I'm Madonna. Lots of beats in that one
  4. Honestly that sounds incredible. I'm always interested to hear stuff like this.
  5. Tiffany has very few fans but the fans she has are quite faithful!
  6. All of her rock renditions are so life giving! I wonder which song will get a rock treatment for RH?
  7. A #1 iTunes smash and performed on TV! It'll probably be on the tour too. Doesn't need to be a single really, it's already done so well lol.
  8. Let's be real, the SUPER DELUXE EDITION is where it's at. Fuck the custom track lists, the bickering about what made it onto the "standard" (aka the cheaper version for moms to consume who were teenagers in the 80's), and just listen to the 23 track masterpiece. Add a dash of Autotune Baby and Queen to round it off to a nice 25. Easy recipe honestly.
  9. So funny that people are still going on about this.
  10. Oh, poor thing. So many people are left jaded after they work with Madonna lol. They think it'll be forever, and then she moves on to the next thing. Oh well!
  11. I never had a problem with Madonna throwing the first punch. I do think when she "throws shade" that there's probably a good reason though. And that she's a more intelligent person than people give her credit for. She's not just some fabulous drag queen that is shady and has entertaining cat fights. All I was saying is that in her comments about MooMoo and Janft, she was also commenting on society as a whole and how they don't want to be challenged by people like herself. It's just whatever though. My point has been so completely lost, and people somehow think I have a problem with cuss words
  12. Idc what Janft or MooMoo said. They're vapid and stupid cunts! And not in the good way. M is the intelligent one and actually said something interesting.
  13. It seemed like a nervous/"I don't even know what to say or do" laugh. I don't think she thought it was funny. She's been sexually assaulted/raped before too. Madonna has had her fabulous "CUNT" moments but that was not one of them.
  14. I love that this kind of devolved into when I pissed off Shit(suede)head by cussing so much lmao.
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