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  1. I don't want this to sound bad... When I saw her near I thought "She looks older, but much better than in magazines or music videos". That's the impression I had. When I saw her you could see he isn't a young girl, she's a mature woman but looks incredible. Her eyes, her skin... I think she doesn't need all the make up and the fillers and all those things... Maybe with them she looks younger, but I think she's even more beautiful being natural... sometimes I see her very "artificial". I don't know how to explain it... An example is when I saw her making the Prince tribute... It was like "Yes, she's beautiful but she looks strange" and two days after I saw pictures of her on an airport and, at least for me, she looked incredible, much, much better without all the make up and all those things. And like most of you say, her eyes are incredible but what made me say "WOW!!!!!" was the way she moved, sexy, with style... it's really hard to explain it but it was incredible.
  2. scamper

    Appreciate Holiday DWT Montage

    They usually use this kind of videos to promote the tours. For "The Virgin Tour" they used the live performances of "Dress you up", "Gambler", "Over and over" and "Like a virgin" For "The Who's That Girl Tour" they used "Causing a commotion" (the RAI version) and a live edit of "Into the groove". "The Blond Ambition Tour" didn't have a promotion but "Truth or dare" was promoted with "Holiday", "Like a virgin" and "Promise to try" For "The Girlie Show" they used the live version of "Bye bye baby" with the HBO Edition. I've never seen this one from "Promo Only" on TV: For "Drowned World Tour" they used this "Holiday" montage. "The Re-Invention Tour" and "I'm going to tell you a secret" didn't have a video for their promotion. For "The Confessions Tour" they used "Jump" and "Ray of light" (edit), both taken directly from the DVD but the fucks and mother fuckers things of "Ray of light" were censored. For "Sticky And Sweet Tour" they used "4 Minutes" taken directly from the DVD. For "MDNA Tour" they used "Vogue" taken directly from the DVD. And finally, for "Rebel Heart Tour" they used "Material girl", "Deeper and deeper" and "Living for love". All of them taken directly from the DVD.
  3. I don't know if Nikki and Donna but I miss that kind of performances that made with her. Maybe I'm wrong but I think the last time she sang a song with her background singers was "Lucky Star" on "Confessions Tour" and I have to say that it was great. Now we know she has background singers just because we see them on the DVD of the tours (and not always). I think, like most of you, that the problem here is that now almost everything is pre-recorded. Maybe it looks perfect but it doesn't have the same strenght that it had when almost everything was live. I know that now with the video screens is more difficult but I also think that Madonna can make some songs in the old way, I don't know if you know what I mean. For example, on the "Rebel heart tour" she could have sang "Rebel heart" with the background singers with here or something like that. But maybe someday. Unfortunally it won't be with Nikki and Donna, but I hope she sing again with the background singers and make something spectacular. I guess the "Tears of a clown" was a lost opportunity to do something like that. And answering the answer, I'd love to see the three girls again together.
  4. scamper


    When I see this things I always think the same... "Why when they released her tours use so many filters?" and I'm not talking just about the voice. The video too... She's great without those things. I can understand some edition but I think it looks better more natural.
  5. Thanks for de info, Jimmyjimmy, but, as far as I know, there's a demo for "Wash All Over Me" known as "Demo 4" and the time is 4:17
  6. scamper


    All the people I know that is not a Madonna fan love this song and all of them say the same thing about it as soon as she starts singing "Hey! It's Madonna". With most of the tracks of "MDNA" they say "Who sings that song?" and when you say "Madonna" they say "Ah, ok... I didn't recognize her voice". I think that the good thing about "Beautiful killer" is that. You hear Madonna all the time. I'm not saying that the rest of the songs are bad but I miss her real voice most of the time. I think that without so much distortion on her voice they could be much better.