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  1. I've always heard that the MDNA "Vogue" costume was inspired by this: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2011/12/22/lady-gaga-rihanna-katy-perry-madonna-go-back-school-batman-leviathan-strikes/ This comic was released in 2011. And I've read some place that Madonna and her team found it very funny and that they like the style used for Madonna. As you can see even the hair is almost the same but, who knows???
  2. Well, first of all we have to think that when "Crazy for you" was released Madonna had her contract with Sire Records, so maybe Warner didn't had all her attention on her. On the other hand, "Crazy for you" was recorded before the "Like a virgin" album was released and I think they didn't know how important Madonna and this album was going to be. In fact, what I've always heard is that "Vision Quest" was recorded at the end of 1983 or in the beginning of 1984 so I guess the songs were recorded between "Madonna" and "Like a virgin". If you listen to the songs used in the movie they have very
  3. Thank you very much for the re-uploaded one and of course for the new ones too
  4. Thank you very much! Anyone could reupload the Interview Magazine outtake? Link doesn't work... Thanks in advance
  5. First of all I want to say thank you to everybody who has posted their outtakes. It's been months since I didn't enter de forum and when I came into this post was like "WOW! What is happening here?". I'm not very interested in her sessions after "Ray of light", but anyway I have to say thank you for sharing but, specially I have to say THANK YOU for the old ones, specially for the "Sex" outtakes. For me Herb Ritts and Steven Meisel made her best pictures ever. They were pure art, the lights, the make up... they took care of all the details. Now photographers doesn't look that... it's like "Don
  6. Thanks for de info, Jimmyjimmy, but, as far as I know, there's a demo for "Wash All Over Me" known as "Demo 4" and the time is 4:17
  7. I have this one too... I can't remember where I found it, probably on facebook
  8. I understand what you say, but I think Rocco is too "old" to be just one year... If the pictures were made in the beginning of the year (2002) Lola would be 5 years and 3 months???
  9. I've asked the same in other fórum and seems that the picture was taken on 2002. The photographer was Herb Ritts (he died at the end of that year) and is a personal picture. A family portrait for Madonna personal use, not for a magazine or things like that.
  10. First of all thank you to everyone who shares those pictures. I would like to have some info about some pictures shared on the previous post of HQ pictures. There are two black and White pictures, one of them is Madonna and Guy, the other one is Madonna with Lourdes. I think the photographer was Herb Ritts. Does anyone know it for sure? And does anybody know the year they were taken? The other pictures I'd like to have some info are three. One of them is with Madonna and Jesús Luz, the second is Madonna with Steven Klein and the third one is Madonna with Klein and Luz and another guy. All o
  11. What do the guys sing after the "Take on me" part and before they start to sing "La Bamba"?
  12. I think that's the most interesting thing about Madonna and her music. She doesn't play lots of instruments and things like that but she has everything planned on her head. Lots of the producers talk about "She has a melody on her head" "She wants this to sound this way" and things like that. It's all instinct and she knows how to translate it into words to make people do what she has on her mind. I think this is the real difficult thing. I mean, I guess is easy when you play all kind of instruments to say "This is what I want". But to "write a song" just using your head and create so many hi
  13. As far as I know about the remixes of the song here's what I have: 01. Album versión (6:34) - The one included on the album and as the B-side of "Burning up" maxi-single 02. Single versión (3:57) - The one included on most of the 7'' singles and on the "You can dance" single edits promo albums. 03. Fade versión (3:22) - Released as B-side of "Borderline" on the UK. 04. Edit versión (3:31) - Included on the Philippines 7'' single. I think at that time was very easy to find these variations. On Philippines "Burning up" and "Phisical attraction" have two "exclusive" versions, the same way th
  14. I think it's one of the best songs from "Evita" too... I think it was great to make Eva sing this song instead of Peron's lover. I've found the original videoclip here (is just the scene with different edition on the instrumental break and at the end more seconds of the starlets looking at her). Does anyone here knows how to rip it??? http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDI4MjEzNDA=.HTML Thanks in advance
  15. I think we only will see a complete compilation when Madonna dies (hope it takes too long) but, I'm not sure that all of them will be included. I'm sure that "Everybody" will be included on it, "This used to be my playground" too... But I'm sure they'll forget the live videos ("Causing a commotion", "Hanky panky", "Bye bye baby"), the montages and I'm sure that "Another suitcase in another hall" too...
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