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  1. My nieces and their friends knew about Bitch I'm Madonna before I showed it to them, It did have an effect. Not sending it to radio really hurt the song. It would have done better!
  2. 2016 American Presidential Thread

    I know I'm overreacting, but I just can't believe this.
  3. 2016 American Presidential Thread

    I'm devastated, I was depressed before but his is unreal!
  4. 2016 American Presidential Thread

    I seriously feel like slitting my wrists.
  5. The return of Esther!


    I'm glad you're alright Stephen. I hope Issac's ok also! This doesn't solve anything. Just hurts people and ruins their stuff. Animals SMH
  7. Songs from MDNA

    Some girls, Superstar, and GGW A dude can dream can't he?
  8. In no order Ghost Town Hung Up Like a Prayer Holy Water Everybody Oh Father Hollywood Sorry Causing a Commotion Thief of Hearts Honorable mentions Iconic Celebration Erotica Love Don't Live Here Anymore Holiday Bitch I'm Madonna Who's That Girl The Look of Love
  9. My favorite album from Madonna!!!! NO CONTEST
  10. Give them a Tim Tam and they'll never leave your side!
  11. A present to MadonnaNation

  12. Fucking despicable!!!
  13. The funny thing is only hitting 58 on the hot 100 in the US It was played quite often on VH1 and I heard it alot in malls and grocery stores! Also I heard on the radio more than a few times here in Pittsburgh,
  14. All of these people are just jealous. It kills them that after more than 30 years she's still ultra successful, not living her life by the perceived norms, she's a woman that's alot more powerful and successful than they are and still causing people to talk and think and all this at almost 60 and looking damn good while doing it! I don't get It. I see people whether male or female making a difference, fighting for the rights of all people and it restores my faith in humanity. Alot of people just want to see others fail and I just can't understand this. I guess it all boils down to them being unhappy and unfulfilled. It really doesn't bother me when people put down Madonna anymore. Negativity is Negativity and they're only bringing their selves down.
  15. Erotica, I'm Breathless, and Music!!! Like a Prayer and Confessions are so close but Love Song and I Love New York happened. It's funny though, I really like the demo version Of I Love New York.
  16. Your MDNA Top 5

    1. Love Spent 2. Masterpiece 3. I'm Addicted 4.Some Girls 5.Gang Bang