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  1. It's getting stronger and stronger. Swing voters could give a shit about gays and all the disenfranchised. Mark my words. HE WILL WIN
  2. Yes! I’m so excited I feel like the Madonna I love, the woman who’s inspired by beauty, art, culture, is back.
  3. Okay, two things... first, anyone can reach this conclusion based on the last clips we heard and two, if this IS true that means the songs will leak because the second radio stations and promos are involved, shit leaks.
  4. I can’t with people’s fucking comments in this thread. I love this fado direction of hers and I cannot wait to hear what Mirwais does with it. I’m imagining the first 30 seconds of the album is a super classical, organic fado sound and then BAM mirwais takes you to a different universe You racist cunts writing this off as “National Geographic” are the same cunts who were like “EW” when you heard the first 3 seconds of the ABBA flutes in hung up. Always ruining the mood.
  5. and this bitch (me) KEEPS BELIEVING THEM
  6. Maduro is trash and Venezuela definitely needs help, but the U.S. and other imperialist powers (who are interested in one thing only) sending "help" at the border in the form of a toilet papar AKA a photo op is NOT going to help the situation. They need sanctions lifted. And if the U.S. cared so much they wouldn't have created this mess for millions of people in the form of sanctions after sanctions just to punish the mean old Socialists that made oil state-owned.
  7. So is that clip an actual song? I would love a Madonna on the guitar song. I’m sick of the over produced stuff that makes her sound like a robot
  8. I love Madonna but I’m going to unfollow her soon If she doesn’t stop posting nonsense about her children. I’ve unfollowed many friends for doing it. I’ll do it to her, too.
  9. People in the U.S. really, TRULY believe the U.S. is the best country in the world. Like, the vast majority of Americans truly, wholeheartedly believe that
  10. She literally posts videos of her children and random selfies. What's angry or sad about that? Ugh, do something else. Do my eyebrows.
  11. Whoever made this should be locked away and get the death penalty.
  12. I liked MDNA way more than Rebel Heart. Sorry I’m not sorry.
  13. That never stopped her in the past when she had everything to lose.
  14. As long as we have a date I don’t mind waiting. It’s the waiting and uncertainty that’s killing me
  15. She’s going to give us a 6 minute extended mix of Candy Shop with a 1 minute video intro, then a 1 minute beautiful game edit and it’ll end with #SOON on the screen as she disappears abruptly into the ground a la Super Bowl as her son with no rhythm starts twerking and break dancing on the floor. All very non-traditional.
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