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  1. This is good either that or The Queen
  2. AL >>>> HC HC is just Madonna jumping on a bandwagon and doing more or less what everyone did before her. It's a poor man's version of Nelly's "Loose" mixed with some of Timberlake's latest effort. Musically AL is far more interesting, lyrically both albums are equally bad. Madonna REALLY need to step up her game this time around! She need to show us why she is Madonna and superior to the the rest.
  3. Agree! Add Guetta, Timbo AND Pharrell to that list!
  4. I like some of his earlier stuff, when he was still fresh. Now I don't see how he is so much less recycling than Timbo?
  5. Well said! People give Pharell too much credit, while he might be a little more versatile than Timbo, he is also recycling his sound and his prime time is long ago over. Madonna would do better just to stay away from these producers. Same thing would happen as with HC (being too late on the bandwagon that is), if she decided to work with RedOne, Guetta, Dr. Luke or Max Martin for instance. I really hope she won't even reflect on working with any of those people. The only producers that are still kind of interesting out of these are Bloodshy & Avant.
  6. Eeew you just made Madonna look like Kylie/Cher in one post, like all she is is this gaytastic dancefloor artist. Does a good production mean there's gotta be dance beats? Die Another Day is one of her coolest tracks to date, when the gospel choir part enters Nothing Fails it's one of her finest moment musically for the past decade, the stuck up guitar in I'm So Stupid and the whole weirdness of that song, the beauty of Intervention melody. I'd say that's far more interesting that the recycled boring beat of Pharell's "Candy Shop" and those awful mess of songs called Incredible and Spanish
  7. Why is everyone talking about lyrics? The lyrics on Nothing Fails wasn't very good, but the production/melody SHITS all over that crap Candy Shop for sure. I think we all judge music differently. I firstly judge the music itself; the song structure, melody, production etc. Lyrics are important to some extent, but a song can have good lyrics and be pretty crap. Production-wise; American Life (the album) is MILES more interesting than HC ever will be. I want great/fresh/creative music firstly! I'm not buying an album to sit through 1h of poetry reading, what I'm buying is the MUSIC! Obviously
  8. Kylie WISHES! I don't think Confessions was very original (apart from a couple of tracks), but it was a high quality album nevertheless and it was made in a period where this type of music weren't very big, so if you look at it that way she was kind of "ahead" because NOW dance music finally become popular again. Although being quite typical Euro-dance music, they made it in a fresh way and it was indeed very well produced and put together. HC on the other hand was really recycling sounds of a genre that was all over the place at that time and years prior. I think also it's the Madonna album
  9. Problem is that HC is probably her first album with more or less only "Candy Shops" & "Don't Stops".. we're not talking about certain singles, but a full album full of them. I think anyone agrees with you though that part of what makes Madonna unique is that she can handle different styles and is a versatile artist. Personally, I've got no problems with Madonna going urban-pop on us with HC, but I hate the fact that it was lazy and was an album completely "jumping on the bandwagon". She could have made urban inspired music, but with more creativity and such, now she just made a poor-mans
  10. Well maybe she should try that? It would be original atleast I see your point, but I don't think it's as simple as saying "what the fans wants", that just seems to be some sort of excuse used for her doing stuff like HC. Now don't get me wrong though; I agree that generally all her albums have been good and she's better than most out there, but c'mon.. we KNOW she CAN do so much better! Don't we? Let's put aside whatever different taste we've got, I think most agree HC was under her standards. People may not expect much from some other artists, and that's fine, but actually it's a complim
  11. So if she releases an album just with 10 tracks recording her flushing her toilet you'll love it? I thought the difference between a Madonna fan (and let's say a Mariah fan) is that we don't buy into everything?
  12. I agree! Not that HC was bad (Madonna hasn't released a bad album yet), but it scares me that people sees Madonna as some sort of Britney nowadays. I think it's not about "hating" music as HC, but Madonna is better than that and it amaze me how little believe even her fans has in her nowdays, settle with the idea of her doing another HC, another "trend-follwer".
  13. Yes the sound used by everyone and their cousins that is
  14. I agree and I'm afraid you're right aswell. Her fans really lowered the standards for her if they're excited about this! This is the woman that gave us LAP, ROL, Music, COADF... and people are wetting their pants over something that might turn out to be a HC v.2 I so hope this is not true! HC was an international laugh really. I mean the album is not bad, but it's way below her standards and also Pharell is not THAT original producer any longer.
  15. Only thing; Madonna can't handle that 80's voice anymore, she should stick to her deeper voice because that's what she does great nowadays, the Mickey Mouse thing worked in the 80's but when she does it now it doesn't sound good at all. I'm not too fond of this news at all and I hope it turns out being a false rumor.
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