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  1. My one complaint about the RH tour

    SEX and MESSIAH were both very interlude by numbers in my personal opinion. Not saying I didn't enjoy them on the night but they ain't gonna be talked about in years to come like previous tour interludes. SEX had no place between Like A Virgin and Living For Love. They have nothing to do with one another
  2. Melbourne 13 March - 2nd Night!

    I'm by the heart base white everything pink cap and bag. So excited
  3. Yay so I have a good spot. I could only afford one night. This has made my day thank you
  4. I've got my friend from herald sun trying to get me a ticket as I'm not an icon or telstra member
  5. Rebel Heart Tour vs MDNA Tour

    I would have loved to have seen MDNA live.. Especially in an arena
  6. Where is section SD on the floor roz Z seat 43..
  7. Why is RIT her worst tour?

    I think the setlist is pretty damn near perfect and the Like A Prayer from this tour beats all its recent dance-edm makeovers by a mile. The Beast Within seguing into Vogue followed oh so seamlessly by Nobody Knows Me and finishing off with Frozen is the best opening act of all the tours. Pure CLASS
  8. Your Top 10 tour performances of all time

    Express Yourself (Blond Ambition) Nobody Knows Me (Re-Invention) Drowned World (Confessions) Fever (The Girlie Show) Justify My Love (The Girlie Show) Vogue (Blond Ambition) Live To Tell/Oh Father (Blond Ambition) La Isla Bonita (Drowned World Tour) Music (Drowned World Tour) Girl Gone Wild (MDNA)
  9. I would love the next tour to be a tad more scaled down with more focus on the songs, vocals and the music rather than the theatrics and visuals - it would be something totally unexpected and would give room for improvisation and changes to be made throughout the tour. I'm not talking about stripping it completely back to the basics, something more loose which still looks amazing and has that wow factor but just something to let the music shine most of all. The closest thing to compare would be something along the lines of Kylie's X tour, still visually fantastic and mind blowing (hello the video screen floor on the entire stage) but really gave Kylie the chance to shine and be the absolute centre. A lot of changes were made throughout the course of the tour
  10. Why is RIT her worst tour?

    I loved the Re-Invention setlist! Would have loved to have seen how the rumored rehearsed songs would have fit into the show as well (ie. Swim, Nothing Really Matters, I'm So Stupid)
  11. BLOND AMBITION remaster on youtube

    I would love you to list all the differences between the girlie show live in Sydney vs. Fukuoka as I've never seen the Fukuoka one!
  12. What's the difference in backdrops for the opening of Sticky And Sweet between 08 and 09?! I never knew...
  13. I definitely think vogue will get rested on the next tour... She looks bored of it now. It will prob make way for the return of La Isla Bonita Bollywood Version
  14. I'm sorry but Sticky just doesn't feel like a Madonna tour for me... Everything about it just makes me feel ill. The hideous costumes, the setlist, the try hard remixes of all the old songs, those little Adidas or whatever they were shorts, the jump rope bit, the skeleton look - how anybody could rate it higher than re-invention or drowned world is beyond me