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  1. rayofmusic

    My one complaint about the RH tour

    SEX and MESSIAH were both very interlude by numbers in my personal opinion. Not saying I didn't enjoy them on the night but they ain't gonna be talked about in years to come like previous tour interludes. SEX had no place between Like A Virgin and Living For Love. They have nothing to do with one another
  2. rayofmusic

    Why is RIT her worst tour?

    I think the setlist is pretty damn near perfect and the Like A Prayer from this tour beats all its recent dance-edm makeovers by a mile. The Beast Within seguing into Vogue followed oh so seamlessly by Nobody Knows Me and finishing off with Frozen is the best opening act of all the tours. Pure CLASS
  3. rayofmusic

    Polly Jean Harvey

    I've never had any desire whatsoever to listen to White Chalk, I mean I bought the physical the week it was released and I've never played it 😬
  4. rayofmusic

    Polly Jean Harvey

    Uh huh her is amazing too!!.. But stories is my favorite
  5. rayofmusic

    Your Top 10 tour performances of all time

    Express Yourself (Blond Ambition) Nobody Knows Me (Re-Invention) Drowned World (Confessions) Fever (The Girlie Show) Justify My Love (The Girlie Show) Vogue (Blond Ambition) Live To Tell/Oh Father (Blond Ambition) La Isla Bonita (Drowned World Tour) Music (Drowned World Tour) Girl Gone Wild (MDNA)
  6. rayofmusic

    Why is RIT her worst tour?

    I loved the Re-Invention setlist! Would have loved to have seen how the rumored rehearsed songs would have fit into the show as well (ie. Swim, Nothing Really Matters, I'm So Stupid)