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  1. 00's: Favorite Singles?

    American Life and Hung Up respectively
  2. My one complaint about the RH tour

    SEX and MESSIAH were both very interlude by numbers in my personal opinion. Not saying I didn't enjoy them on the night but they ain't gonna be talked about in years to come like previous tour interludes. SEX had no place between Like A Virgin and Living For Love. They have nothing to do with one another
  3. Melbourne 13 March - 2nd Night!

    I'm by the heart base white everything pink cap and bag. So excited
  4. Your Favorite Madonna Photoshoot?

    Way too skinny.. Very unhealthy looks so much better now with some meat onq her bones
  5. Yay so I have a good spot. I could only afford one night. This has made my day thank you
  6. I've got my friend from herald sun trying to get me a ticket as I'm not an icon or telstra member
  7. Rebel Heart Tour vs MDNA Tour

    I would have loved to have seen MDNA live.. Especially in an arena
  8. Where is section SD on the floor roz Z seat 43..
  9. GHV2 Appreciate

    should have been 01. Erotica 02. Deeper And Deeper 03. Fever 04. Rain 05. Secret 06. Take A Bow 07. Human Nature 08. You'll See 09. You Must Love Me 10. Frozen 11. Ray Of Light 12. Beautiful Stranger 13. American Pie 14. Music 15. Don't Tell Me 16. New Song 17. New Song
  10. How do you feel about CELEBRATION

    this should have been Celebration.. all new properly executed edits so that 20 tracks fit on each disc. Disc One 01. Everybody 02. Holiday 03. Lucky Star 04. Borderline 05. Like A Virgin 06. Material Girl 07. Crazy For You 08. Dress You Up 09. Into The Groove 10. Live To Tell 11. Papa Don't Preach 12. True Blue 13. Open Your Heart 14. Who's That Girl 15. Like A Prayer 16. Express Yourself 17. Cherish 18. Vogue 19. Justify My Love 20. This Used To Be My Playground 01. Erotica 02. Deeper And Deeper 03. Fever 04. Rain 05. I'll Remember 06. Secret 07. Take A Bow 08. Human Nature 09. You'll See 10. You Must Love Me 11. Frozen 12. Ray Of Light 13. Beautiful Stranger 14. American Pie 15. Music 16. Don't Tell Me 17. Hung Up 18. Sorry 19. Give It 2 Me 20. Celebration
  11. Hey You Superstar Love Makes The World Go Round Pretender One More Chance Ring My Bell Broken (I'm Sorry) I'd Rather Be Your Lover Think Of Me
  12. 01. Die Another Day 02. American Life 03. Hollywood 04. Nothing Fails 05. Hung Up 06. Sorry 07. Get Together 08. Jump 09. 4 Minutes 10. Give It 2 Me 11. Miles Away 12. Celebration 13. Girl Gone Wild 14. Turn Up The Radio 15. Masterpiece 16. Living For Love 17. NEW SONG
  13. Rain is my favourite music video of all time. Nothing has ever matched it... Frozen came really close but no
  14. Your MDNA Top 5

    lol beautiful killer is so overrated
  15. Is GHV2 Underrated?

    tracklist should have been The Second Coming 01. Erotica (Album Edit) 02. Deeper And Deeper (7" Edit) 03. Fever (Edit One) 04. Rain ( Video Edit) 05. Secret (Album Edit) 06. Take A Bow (Album Edit) 07. Human Nature (Video Mix) 08. You'll See (Edit) 09. You Must Love Me (Single Version) 10. Frozen (Album Edit) 11. Ray Of Light 12. The Power Of Good-bye 13. Beautiful Stranger (WO Radio Edit) 14. American Pie 15. Music 16. Don't Tell Me 17. New Song