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  1. Lol i feel the opposite. "Dance tonight" ?! Crow voice at its maximum "Move your body catch me from across the floor...". Maybe exept the verses of "Living for love", to me the crow voice has almost totally disappeared on "Rebel heart" wich is a good thing, and this monologue on Ariana's song points that she's goin even further in the process of using her deep strong voice.
  2. She had private sessions with the crows from the "Frozen" video to teach her how to use that crow voice perfectly.
  3. You don't know the infamous M crow voice ?! The one that made a first attempt in 2003 in "Me against the music" and then came back full force on several tracks of "Hard Candy".
  4. I'm in love with her monologue ! That strong voice !!! Million times better than the crow voice !
  5. The thing is that the expections were very high for a Madonna/Britney collab. It was the Queen and the princess of Pop. Everybody was expecting a "Music" + "Toxic" × 10. MATM is a nice song, but not brilliant considering Madonna & Britney standards, especially in the early 00's. But it's a common thing when two big artists join forces, the result is often less strong than their respective solo works.
  6. I love this version. The synths and the "dreamy" atmosphere always make me think of William Orbit.
  7. I love her voice on it ! Totally reminds me of Evita indeed ! It's really refreshing to hear her use that voice again. I hope she use it on some tracks of the new album !
  8. Was Ariana in London this past week when Madonna was there recording ?
  9. I mean seriously ?! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.stereogum.com/1923610/migos-on-ilovemakonnen-coming-out-as-gay-thats-wack-bro/news%3famp=1
  10. Sorry but the urban music scene from the 80's and 90's was brilliant, nothing to do with those boring current trap/rap current tracks...
  11. She has commented on their instagram "What are you doing in my house". Even if its not hers anymore its not the point of the comment, the point is she talks about them, she comments their instagram, she goes to see their show, she posts insta stuff about their show, she's even posted again about them in her insta story. Anyway time will tell...
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