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  1. I'll be going to the show by myself which feels a bit weird so would love to meet anyone else from the forum going. I hardly post but read the boards regularly. I'm in block 7. x
  2. Hi - selling 2 paper tix for 2nd London show - Block 111 Row H. Selling them for what I paid for them from axs.com i.e. £200 each (face + booking fees) PM me if interested.
  3. Awesome!!! You'll have the most amazing time!!
  4. oh dear Mi dispiace/het spijt me - can i have you italo-belgian babies instead?
  5. acko - thanks for setting up this thread! can i have your danish babies :inlove:
  6. Anyone getting the 'An error occured. Please try again later' wtf??
  7. god - really wish I had had the presence of mind to ask him obo you guys at the brum show! He stood right next to me as he photographed the couple next to me for his twatter. prob would have been chucked out though! just my 0.02 but could LN aus be sued after making a formal cancellation announcement? is aus litigious that way? really feel for you guys as this wound clearly runs deep! ipex - have you put this request on the Dublin thread?
  8. unfortunately not. i remember looking up at the time thinking 'wtf - that doesn't look right' b/c they were angled and you go see right through between the gaps. i had seen the show from the side before so initially i thought that that's how the screens were meant to be - to allow the people at the sides to view it properly. it was only afterwards when reading online that i realised that this was a fuck up.
  9. thanks guys for the pos feedback! Th older lady was great. I was chatting to her a bit beforehand. She is a huge fan (aren't we all!) and was in the pit with her daughter and they, like us, were dancing like crazy the whole time. She mentioned that she was on one of the Madonna DVDs (confessions? i can't remember) where Madonna puts the mike out towards her and and they get to sing together. Awesome! Here's the crowd I was with just after the show ended. They were just fantastic! That's me on the far right with the 'KEEP CALM AND LOVE MADONNA' t shirt. Jesus, Mary and Joseph where did I get all those teeth! My +1 for the show mentioned a 'Carta' he talked to at a previous show. He's the very tall chap standing next to me. Super guy from Germany. I'm wondering if you are the same 'Carta'. If so, it's a small Madonna world! This same guy got to sing into the mike during 'Open your Heart' and got to touch the Queen's hand. Alas, I didn't have such luck. Hector - 'badahotbum' :lmao: . Love it! Here's a few other photos. Thought I'd get a bit fancy with the Imac.
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